Music for the hills

I often get asked where I get the music from for my videos. Well in fact, I put them together myself.

I compose the music via software on my PC (amazing what us mere mortals can do these days). I purchase copyright free sound samples, loops and so on and then mix them up and alter in anyway that suits. The possibilities are endless if you are creative. You can create melodies and a huge library of music if you wish.

I’ve started working on my latest video effort (after finally getting all the footage I needed from last weekends wild camp) and today I’ve begun to put some music together to complement the visuals.

I’m not sure which mood or sound I want to go for at the moment. I suppose I’ll have a better idea once I start editing the video. But I enjoy putting the music together as it’s really quite therapeutic if time consuming. And of course it reminds me of the previous trips pleasures.

Here’s a couple of tracks I’ve put together and have been working on today.

Track one:

Track two:


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  1. Woozle says:

    Bloody hell. Me like.


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