Daydreaming with Google

I went to bed the other night and there was a helluva storm blowing outside.
No, it wasn’t the wife moaning cause I went down the local boozer for “a couple”. Nah, she was tucked up in bed.
Things just didn’t feel right in the air, ya know? Static and all that.
Anyway,  I made my way upstairs for my ritual slumber and bugger me! The house wasn’t half spinning around…..knocked me about a bit and I swear I heard the cackle of some wicked witch (of the east to be exact…..or have I got that one wrong?) in the background.

I shrugged it off as most blokes do (“It can wait ’til morning…Hick!”)
But come the next day?
I opened my curtains to catch the first rays of a lunchtime sun………when it dawned on me this wasn’t Kansas anymore. Heck, no! It wasn’t even Oz!!
It was heaven!!!!!
I took a pic on my phone straight away just to share with you all the joy of my discovery!!!
Go on!
Take a look!
It’s the one above!
All joking aside….here’s a handy tool if anything to lazily pass the hours away daydreaming…..Google Maps StreetView.
Search for any old place through Google Maps and once your destination or what have you appears, you’ll notice an orange figure near the “zoom” bar. Drag and drop this icon onto the map and you can now view streets at street level.
Google have had a minimum of 20,000 miles of Britains roads uploaded this way for several months now but only last Thursday did they upload a further 200,000 miles. These include tracks considered unsuitable for road vehicles.
A car is usually sent about with everything being recorded via a large camera mounted on a fixed tripod on the roof of the vehicle. For places off the beaten path a cycle is used with the recording device mounted on an attached trailer.
StreetView, as it is known has been somewhat of a controversial subject for many….privacy being one contentious issue as well as the idea that criminals can take advantage of this new technology available.
All that aside for now….one can now take a tour on famous routes like Glen Coe in Scotland, the Hardknott Pass in the Lake District and even the Ogwen Valley in Snowdonia!!
I defy anyone not to grin cheek to cheek whilst playing around with this tool and take note, it can be addictive!
For those that are interested, see the header pic above if you’re curious as to where I reside……..I wish!!!

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  1. Paul says:

    Terry you are loving this street view of the google maps arent ya lol I bet you done more travelling in the space of a day or 2 than you have in the real world I must admit mind when I first went on it I went round to look at all my close friends and familys houses lol


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