My Coast to Coast Walk

Enjoying the great outdoors in England and Wales has never been more popular and our Mountain Rescue Teams have only been made too aware of this fact.

However, all team members are volunteers and rely solely on donations from the public. They are in fact ordinary folk like you and me who give up their time and energy to help those in need. They share a common love for the mountains of England and Wales and will go out to your help in emergencies – no matter the terrain, the dangers or the weather conditions.
Of course, these super men and women require various clothing and other life-saving equipment to protect themselves and perhaps you. This costs money. Not only to purchase and replace gear but also for repair and maintenance.
They really are another part of our emergency services of which we can all feel extremely proud.
Myself and Eion have a great love for the outdoors in England and Wales and have spent many happy and heavenly hours savouring the scenery and clean air – which can be enjoyed by all.
Fortunately for us we’ve never required the help of any Mountain Rescue Teams. 
So, we’d like to give something back! We want to help them keep up the fantastic work they do. Be it helping a trapped caver, a stranded sheep, someone who has broken a leg, sustained a horrific fall, a group lost in the dark or even a lone driver stuck in deep snow high up on mountain passes.
We’d like YOU to help us raise some money for these often over-looked and undervalued teams.
We want you to show YOU CARE about what they do and appreciate their unselfish efforts just like myself and Eion.
So, on the 30th April 2010 myself and Eion will commence a trek to cross Northern England. A journey which we have created (not identical to the infamous Alfred Wainwright Coast to Coast Walk) that will cross through 3 of Britain’s National Parks – from high cliffs and crashing waves of the North Sea to high moors and heather. Over and through dales, rock and bog. Round lakes and crossing rivers to scaling the heights England’s highest mountains!
We shall endeavour to wild camp (see the meaning of it here) the whole trip, carrying all we need for food and shelter on our backs
  • We shall endeavour to wild camp the whole trip, carrying all we need for food and shelter on our backs
  • We shall ascend a total of 29,000 feet approx (nearly the height of Mount Everest)
  • We shall use only the legs and feet we were born with to walk 192 miles approx
  • No matter the terrain – come wind or shine
  • We will complete this journey in no more than 9 days!!

The start of our adventure will be at Robin Hood’s Bay on the east coast of North Yorkshire and finish at Ravenglass on the west coast of Cumbria.
So, please, please donate any amount you can afford to help Mountain Rescue England and Wales.
They need your help – more than ever. They’ve experienced a high number of callouts to help people like you and us in recent years.
Furthermore, keep an eye on this blog to see how I plan to gain fitness for the journey, plan the route (where to pitch tents, seek water etc), decide which gear and food to take and more.
Many thanks for your time and attention.
Wish us luck!
Terry and Eion
Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving – they’ll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity and make sure Gift Aid is reclaimed on every eligible donation by a UK taxpayer. So it’s the most efficient way to donate – we raise more, whilst saving time and cutting costs for the charity.
So please dig deep and donate now.


21 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Terry the link to donate needs fixing its got this at the end. alt=


  2. terrybnd says:

    Thanks! Sorted it now!


  3. Stephen says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.


  4. Eion says:

    Heather Mills has donated a leg in case mine pack in en route!


  5. Paul says:

    Wishing yous both luck on your journey very jealous will be a good trip am sure are you taking the camcorder? 9 days seems quick are you both running lol or just very fast walkers good luck 🙂


  6. Anonymous says:

    21 miles a day, is going some mate! good luck , wish i was coming with you's. when i get paid i'll dontate some dough as well, hopefully see you in April.


  7. Martin Rye says:

    Big miles and big walk. Good charity to support. Well done and good luck as well.


  8. Dave Evans says:

    Good luck to you both, rather you than me. I'll be donating to the cause 🙂


  9. terrybnd says:

    Thanks for the support guys.

    Aye, it's gonna be a challenge for sure but thats the whole point really. Why would anyone want sponsor for a walk in the park eh? In this case we'll be doing some very long walks through thre big parks!


  10. sbrt says:

    Hey up Terry!

    Photographic evidence of you running (even just a bit for the camera) and I will double the donation.

    All the best
    Steve(aka sburt, from lfto)


  11. terrybnd says:

    Thanks sbrt!!

    LOL I don't know if we'll have the energy to run but we'll try just for you.

    Thanks for the support


  12. ukmase says:

    Good luck mate,i know you were gutted about Toubkal but this will more than make up for it.

    Now come on Trail, get your hands in your pocket and stump up the cost of the Toubkal trip towards Terry charity efforts ;-


  13. Phil says:

    Not a chance mate, bunch of tightwads who have shown Terry no support and probably havent even taken the time to look in here…..dont see any good luck messages, and I dont recall any on LFTO either…..

    Anyway, I se you nearly reached 750 lads, bloody well done, thats a decent amount of money for the MRT coffers by any standards, and I salute you both for your efforts. Truly remarkable.

    Once again, very best of luck with it, and se you at the finish line with a very cold pint each ;0)


  14. Eion says:

    Thanks Phil, the thought of that pint will be the beacon that keeps us going no doubt;)x


  15. James North says:

    FAO Phil,

    Why enter a film competition when the first prize is a trip to Toubkal knowing full well you can't make it due to ill health. Then winning the competition, thus stopping someone who could've made the trip from going.


  16. terrybnd says:

    Hi James

    1. I didn't think my health would be an issue as I've been fine for ages.

    2. I didn't think I'd win

    It was only after a consultation with my GP and my own feelings on this matter that I chose to not take up the offer of the prize.

    Trail had offered the prize to other finalists and due to their own reasons they declined too.

    Furthermore, what entailed as the prize as it turned out was not what I expected or was implied during the competition after being contacted by the travel company.

    There were other considerable expenses involved and even though I was offered to pick dates, there were on their terms only. One being either pick one trip this year or next! The former being in less than a months time of giving me notice!



  17. Yuri says:

    Finally subscribed to your blog…

    Right now, I'm hoping this bloody volcano will stop. Not that I'm planning to fly to meet you where we talked we would meet but it is having consequences on my current work situation…


  18. terrybnd says:

    No worries, Yuri.

    Keep me posted.


  19. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Terry!!!

    So when the next one, going to be mate hehe!!!


  20. villiam says:

    Thanks Big miles and big walk. Good charity to support. Well done and good luck as well


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