A big thanks to Rab

Well, as the title of this post says, I want to give an almighty thanks to Rab for their donation towards my Coast to Coast Walk. Top people and a top company of which we can all be proud.

And I’d particularly like to Mark Wilson at Rab for his help and generosity. A friendly and genuine outdoors guy.


After some exchange of e-mails on Friday I nipped down the road to meet up with Mark at the Rab factory in Derbyshire the result of this meeting being Rab donating some gear for me to raise money for Mountain Rescue England & Wales.

I must admit I was quite overwhelmed by their generosity and my respect for them as a company has inevitably shot right through the roof.

So, if by chance you have never heard of Rab………

They are renowned worldwide for top of the range down clothing, sleeping bags, mountaineering shell and insulating jackets. 

Used by cutting edge climbers and numerous Everest summiteers, RAB clothing and equipment is truly “for the most extreme conditions in the world”.


Keep an eye on the following outdoors forums where I shall be offering various Rab waterproof jackets for a price. All funds raised go straight into MRT’s pockets!


Live For The Outdoors

Currently, we’re nearly there on raising £500 for Mountain Rescue.

However, we aint gonna stop.  We’d love to raise close to £1000!

So, please feel free to donate any amount you wish, it is for a good cause and it would genuinely mean alot to me and Eion. It’d be great for us to know we raised a significant sum for MRT as we make our trek across northern England.


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  1. pharmacy says:

    Excellent, I can't donate right now, but I'm gonna promote your website, thanks and good luck.


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