Winter Medley – Video

Well, I’ve finally got round to completing a short video I started some weeks ago. It’s more a medley really of footage I’ve captured over winter when out on wild camps than anything specific.

I think it’s OK but I absolutely detest my narration in the video. More so as I was unable to get the sound quality just right to blend in with the rest of the soundtrack.

It’s certainly one of those efforts where I’m craving to get out on the hills with other folk and film them. It’s much easier from my point of view and I can create more dynamic camera work as a result.

All said and done, I got some cracking scenery in this video and if anything it brings back fond memories in a particularly vivid way. Moments and scenes I can cherish for many years to come.


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  1. Shamus says:

    Very well put together, Terry. The narration? What's wrong with it? You really describe the winter wild-camp feeling so well, and hopefully encourage others to get out there and do the same. This obviously took a lot of time and effort to collect, collate, and finsh off. Superb!


  2. Dave Evans says:

    Nice one Terry 🙂


  3. twiglegs says:

    Nowt wrong with the narration mate, you come across very naturally, i liked it anyway. : )


  4. GeoffC says:

    Very well done, a superb effort especially since you were filming yourself – it must have taken some setting up and much patience. The narration sounds fine to me.


  5. Woozle says:

    Excellent vid. I thought the narration was good. It's you doing what you like and talking about it in your voice; it's personal and what could be better than that?


  6. terrybnd says:

    Well, thanks for your kind comments folks. I might be being picky. But thats how I feel I'm afraid. Glad you like the video anyway. Some good scenic shots I got in there….patient waits and weather windows galore in that video! LOL


  7. Martin Rye says:

    Superb stuff. You should do a master class in bagging a cloud inversion.


  8. terrybnd says:

    LOL I have a nose for them, Martin 😉


  9. Excellent video Terry very inspirational for a hill walking newbie like me, thanks…



  10. Superb, as James said. What kind of camera are you using?


  11. Tom Causer says:

    cracking video again terry,


  12. terrybnd says:

    Thanks for all your kind comments, everyone.

    To Hendrik:
    I use a Canon HV20 for my videos.


  13. Petercrawford says:

    Good vid Terry – You know me well enough (online) to appreciate that if I thought it was naff I would not be shy of saying so but on the other side of the coin I am not shy of giving credit where it's due either. Agree with other comments that there is nothing wrong with the narration. Good stuff.


  14. logman says:

    Really enjoyed this. Uplifting and atmospheric!


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