The adventure begins!

The day has just about arrived where me and Eion will set off from Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire and walk all the way to Ravenglass on the west coast in Cumbria – in 9 days.

I must admit to a little apprehension but at the same time a tinge of excitement. Nerves are really to do with the schedule and the fact we’ll be covering 80 miles in 3 days going by my route plan.

Thereafter, things will be much easier with days of only 15 miles or so. Hopefully the weather holds good for us and my boots prove to be comfortable enough to carry me through.

I was going to use trail shoes on this trip but considering the rough and wild terrain we will encounter and the weight of a pack with food et al – I thought best to take boots.

By the end of day three we should be within 19 miles of the Tan Hill Inn (Britain’s Highest Pub) where we’ll no doubt want to quench a thirst with one or two ales.

Thereon, we head through the bogs and moors towards the Howgills. From there we venture through the far eastern Lake District fells and onwards to Helvellyn and eventually Scafell Pike. Leaving us with the final day ascending Scafell, Illgill Head and Muncaster Fell to Ravenglass.

No doubt we’ll have a laugh along the way and return with happy memories to cherish for years to come.

And all with the aim of raising funds to a very worthy cause – Mountain Rescue England & Wales.

The rucksack is packed (including some water) and weighs approx 10-11 kilos. Not bad, could be lighter and will eventually be so. All in a 45 litre pack.

There’s not a lot for me to say really except me and Eion would like to thank you for your support and donations – and see you on the other side!!



12 Comments Add yours

  1. terrybnd says:

    Thanks Martin and thanks for the donation.

    I'm afraid I don't really have the room for cash donations in my pack! LOL

    When I get back I've got some cash donations to put in.

    Hopefully, we'll reach the 1k target.


  2. Yuri says:

    Terry, I'll get in touch for eta, etc if work allows me. Still in the balance.

    If you could send me your mobile number…


  3. twiglegs says:

    Best of luck mate, have fun, hope all goes to plan.


  4. terrybnd says:

    Thanks guys

    Yuri – I'll be in touch


  5. EQUIPnTRIP says:

    Good luck Terry from Australia.

    I little apprehension is a good thing. I'm sure it will dissipate with your first few steps.

    Have a great time. I look forward to your posts about the walk.

    Allan McDonald @


  6. Paul says:

    Jealous as hell hope the weather stays good looking forward to your reports good luck


  7. ukmase says:

    A trail hardened lad like you will be fine. Enjoy it, hope the weather holds out and bring back plenty of stories.

    Come on everyone – dig deep and support the MRT.

    PS The siloutte of you on your site… that a phone receiver hanging from your belt or are you happy to see me !!!


  8. Don says:

    I`ve been a long time admirer of lots of your work. Hope it all goes well.


  9. Anonymous says:

    good luck both of you, have a great adventure!!



  10. twiglegs says:

    first day done mate, hope to hell you've had better weather than we have.


  11. Maz says:

    Good luck Terry – cannot wait for the prosaic rendition of each moment we are going to get! Don't get injured mate!


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