I’m sooooo tired

I’m absolutely knackered from the Coast to Coast trek!

I will put some write-ups together soon of which I’m sure many will find of interest if they so wish to do the same.

In the meantime I have been sifting through my photographs taken on the trip – over 600 in all.

I thought I’d share some with you now. These in particular are panoramic shots I manage to capture at various points on the journey.

Basically, they are several pictures taken at one spot and then stitched together to form one wide view as we would have seen it.

I hope you like them and gauge an idea as to the conditions and scenery we encountered.

This first picture (click to enlarge) is of the remote Mosedale Cottage in the eastern Lake District.

It’s a large and well-kept bothy in which we spent the night. In this photo you can see the bothy by some trees as shelter – just off centre left in the valley.

This second picture (click to enlarge) is of Eion and a friend who joined us for one night on Wild Boar Fell on the eastern fringes of Cumbria. A superb mountain for all abilities with far ranging views.

Again, another picture from Wild Boar Fell – this time the view from the top of “The Nab”.

This next picture (click to enlarge) is again from the Lake District. This one being a sweeping wide view of the valley of Patterdale

And finally one more extremely wide shot taken in the Lake District. This one shows Eion leaning against a large boulder on Great Moss. A stupendously impressive scene of which no photo can do justice. A high plain surrounded by some of England’s highest mountains.

There are a few more of which I’m working on. But before then I’ll be writing up some trip reports.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. twiglegs says:

    Nice one mate, looking forward to seeing more.


  2. owdbum289 says:

    great pics…I w/c'd last year not 100 yards from where your friend is standing on great moss…it is a beautifully atmospheric place.


  3. terrybnd says:

    I don't blame you for camping round that way owdbum.

    Fantastic place eh?


  4. owdbum289 says:

    it's like the land that time forgot, if you saw a pterodactyl on dow grag, it would'nt be much of a suprise..ha!
    at sunset/sunrise it's spooky and amazing.


  5. owdbum289 says:

    or is it ill crag? can never remember. lol.


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