NEW – Waterstraw, Micro Purification Water Filter

What a pleasant surprise!

After my words of praise on Drinksafe-Systems products in a previous post, Giles who I had a chat with kindly sent me their latest product to try out.

In essence, it’s a large drinking straw with their patented filter contained within – to ensure safe and clean tasting water on the go wherever you are in the world.

It’s not much larger than a novelty pen and weighs around 40g’s!

The device will provide upto 700 litres of safe fluid – though this can decrease if using particularly murky water and so on. So, treat it with respect as you do any other product from Drinksafe-Systems and it should last for quite some time.

I suppose it’s best suited as a back up emergency product in survival situations but for water on the go – it’s ideal.

I reckon I’ll use the straw having collected water in a flask or mug.

I can get quite thirsty out on the hill and so a quick stop, down on one knee by a stream gulping away is very appealing.

The product follows suit of all Drinksafe-Systems range:

-purification chemicals and taste
-sediments and trace chemicals

-waterbourne disease causatives including; Cryptosporidium, Giardia, E-coli, Viruses and Anthrax

Giles informed me that the device will be launched very soon and will retail for around £25.

Not bad for a small device that ensures safe drinking water wherever you are in the world!

So, maybe more of a survival and back-up tool stashed in your rucksack – but I’ll be soon giving it a go on my next trip – more so given the warm weather of late.

To use, you unscrew a small top to reveal a mouthpiece from which you suck the water through the filter.

At the other end there’s another cap for which you remove after use on a trip to clean and dry. Similar to their Travel Tap product.

So, keep an eye out – cause this may well be a very handy device to own!

Thanks to Giles for his approachable and friendly manner. Top bloke from a top company!


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Paul says:

    looks like a good little device this I'll be keeping my eye open for this one


  2. terrybnd says:

    Aye, it is Paul.

    My Travel Tap filter has about had it, now. So, this wee thing can replace that for a while.


  3. Don Dawber says:

    What a spectacular idea!


  4. terrybnd says:

    The idea's been done before, Don.

    But those products were limited in their effect if memory serves me right.

    But this little baby should be different.


  5. Maz says:

    I'm currently using a platy with an in-line filter which works pretty well but weighs in at 175g for the whole thing. With this fella and a 12g 500ml Evian bottle, you've got ultra-lightweight. I know other Aquaguard systems have been tested thoroughly – has this one passed the same tests do you know…?


  6. terrybnd says:

    Hi Maz,

    Yep, it's passed all the tests with flying colours.

    I'm about to set out and use it proper very soon and may well put a wee video online showing it in action.

    Not that theres much to show, mind


  7. Anonymous says:

    Very nice post.


  8. That is a very amazing tiny thing. Imagine in that very small thing you can purify water. I need to have that kind of great tool.


  9. terrybnd says:


    Yes, it's a cracking small bit of kit to have in your pack for emergencies.

    Well, you could use it often – like adventure races etc.

    But mines stashed in my pack for those worst case scenarios.


  10. That is so cool! Definitely adding one of these to my survival pack.

    Sweet post Terry.


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