A big thank you!

Just a quick post this – to say a big thank you from me and Eion to all those who have so kindly donated towards our Coast to Coast Walk.

All funds have gone direct to Mountain Rescue England & Wales.

Ultimately, thanks to your help and support we have raised £1157 and that’s not including Gift Aid donations of £206.46!!!

Again, thank you all, it has truly been humbling.

In the meantime, I shall be pouring over maps planning my next trip out onto the hills and also making some slight amendments to my blog. I feel it’s getting a little cluttered now and could do with a wee bit of tidying up to make it easy on the eye.

I’ll also be trying out some ideas I have for the blog – including uploading HD video’s and pictures with reports while out on my hikes.

It’s not something I’ll be doing regularly if it works – I do enjoy the peace and quiet afterall – but I thought some of you may find it interesting observing where I am and perhaps why I’m there!

We’ll see.

I’ve done some initial tests behind the scenes and they’ve come through well – I just need to get the video stuff to run correctly and even then it’s all mobile phone signal permitting.




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Don Dawber says:

    Congratulations Terry – and Eion. That`s a spectacular sum – I`m sure it will be put to good use – just hopefully not on any of us!
    The site looks great to me and additions of video would be ace.
    Keep up the good work please!


  2. sbrt says:

    Well done Terry!
    Dont forget find a photo of you running and I will pay another tenner.

    All the best


  3. terrybnd says:

    Thanks guys!

    And there are defo no pics of me running 🙂 LOL


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