Here we go again…..

Well, now my family holiday and Coast to Coast Walk is out the way – it’s back to normal everyday life.

It’s back to planning trips and heading out onto the hills.

I was thinking of making a visit somewhere this weekend but the World Cup has put paid to that idea – I’m a footy fan and of course support England. An idea popped into my head of perhaps streaming any football matches on my mobile phone while out on a camp – but that would be signal depending and may prove to be a tad bit expensive.

Either way, I’ve started putting some ideas together on my next video.

I’m hoping to put together a wee wild camping video (again!) but this time from a newbie’s perspective. I want to capture the moods and atmosphere in an un-rushed way – so some may find it boring with it’s slow pace – but the intention is that the viewer should “feel” the mood more.

We’ll see anyway – things don’t always turn out as planned and what I may have in  my head and scribbled down on paper is often affected by the weather and my mood!

I have started putting together a musical theme for the video, though.

It may not be used in the end – but it helps me build in my mind’s eye the pace and feel I hope to create.

I really want to nail this video on many levels. Be it the interest, subject, mood and pace. I want to up my photography skills in this feature, too. And filming someone else does make that job much easier.

You can listen to some of the music I’ve created here:

Oh, well. I hope the weather holds and “Come on England!”*

*No offence to American visitors seeing as our first game is against the much improved “soccer” team from the U.S.A


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  1. Paul says:

    I liked the music, cant wait to see your next vid. I am going on my first proper wild camp in 4 weeks time (first in a tent been using bothys, saves on kit)well done on your C2C, the new video going to be north of the border?


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