Nice sunset, too!

It’s Friday 18th June and I’m enjoying this nice view with a beer from my pitch. Wish you were here? (saying that these posts may come through a day late maybe due to intermittent phone signal)


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  1. Don Dawber says:

    Looks spectacular – and who would trade football on a tv screen for that??!!


  2. Paul says:

    very nice shot Terry what camera you using? world what??? lol (hate footy) love camping


  3. terrybnd says:

    It was a perfect spot on a wonderful evening, I have to say.

    I was glad I left the footy behind and headed up the hills instead, for sure.

    @Paul – camera? The pic was taken on my mobile phone. A Sony Ericsson Vivaz, by the way.


  4. Maz says:

    I was on Scafell and Bowfell this weekend but I was unfortunate in that I also caught the England game in Ambleside before we left. Still, bolting up from London, hitting two great peaks, wild camping and getting back in time to comfortably get ready for work on Monday is a joy.

    Where in the Peaks were/are you? I stayed in the 'Van near Hope (down the road from Hathersage) in a CL and took in Kinder Scout, Mam Tor and some other choice walking in the area whilst still having the 5-star luxury of a shower, toilet, cooking food and red wine in the evening…


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