Wild Camping – about my new video

Wild Camping – a short video from a first-timer’s point of view.

I hope you find it interesting. It certainly brought back memories of my first few trips out onto the hills.

Please be aware that at times there is some wind interference on the sound of which I apologise. Unfortunately, I do not own or have the funds to purchase a wireless microphone or a wind-proof one at that.

I do hope that this is not too distracting – or for that matter Moonlightshadow’s (MLS) Swiss-French accent!

(I’m only joking MLS)

Feel free to contribute any feedback of which I can bear in mind for future video’s.

It’s the first time in a long while I’ve had chance to film another person when out on my treks and I think it shows with more dynamic camerawork. Also, note my change in tone for music, editing and so on. This again is a first for me and I think it pays off – of course I may be wrong – but I think it suit’s the subject and character of myself and MLS.

I feel it certainly breaks away from the usual video’s I produce and this is deliberate. I wanted to see something more akin to how I feel and think about the outdoors – but on video and through the eye’s of another person.

It’s slow in places of which those with a short attention span may not appreciate – but I have been mindful of this with the pace and look of the film. I’ve tried to keep a momentum of interest which build’s to a happy high.

I’ve tried some new editing techniques, too to help with the latter. There’s more “shakey” camerawork to impress a sense of the real situation but I’ve also put in my usual slow pans and framed shots to display the landscape in all it’s glory.

The music took me some time to produce – well, week’s actually – and I’ve kept this understated until the very end where I’ve incorporated a pop track. The latter took me some considerable effort to compose and mix but I think it’s effect pays off.

And finally some human interest was something I was keen to show in this piece. Someone to pull the viewer in and perhaps relate to or even grow to like – sorry MLS! I’m being cheeky again!

The more I wish to put into my video’s the more organic and time consuming they become. I’m quite ambitious in that respect and would love to do more and more – but thanks to the limits of YouTube and the like I have my hands tied – which may not be such a bad thing, I suppose.

So, I must admit to a little apprehension to what folk think or feel about this short film.

I like it but I can see how others may be disappointed to what they’ve become accustomed to with my amateur efforts.

I’ve learned a great deal making this video and as always that knowledge I’ll take along with me into my next small production.

Before I sign off and release the video in my next post here are some words from Moonlightshadow himself:

“Wildcamping” is a term that carries a certain mystique – one of unfettered freedom, adventure and a window into a world far removed from the constraints of modern life. 

For the great outdoors lover, it is a means to expand his or her communion with the wild places for as long as he or she wishes to do so.
That is the main attraction for me, not having to return straight away back to civilisation after a long day in the hills but rather set camp somewhere remote or hidden.

Be it on my own or with some friends – go through all those rituals the more experienced wildcampers know so well – and with experience gained, define your own rituals that signify to you that you are indeed living that particular dream. 

Learn the art of packing a bag correctly – collecting the appropriate gear – adapting what you have or indeed make your own without resorting to just buying expensive, ready-made items.  
The preparation, the anticipation of good and bad moments; those surprises you can never prepare for, that demand you to adapt to the situation.

The whole experience is so much more than a cheap thrill and a way to save money.

Try it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 


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