Outdoors Videos – Backpacker TV

I know some of you enjoy viewing my amateur video efforts of trips and the like out and about in the UK.

So, check out this website:

The Backpacker TV

It’s main contributors and audience is U.S based admittedly – nevertheless, there’s some cracking video’s to enjoy on there from the other side of the pond. Some good tips can be found on gear, too. Worth a snoop seeing as the American’s are a dab hand at going lightweight.

You’ll also find videos from other parts of the world including my own.

The editor of The Backpacker TV, Scott has this to say about his website:

“As someone who has backpacked for years now, I have always liked sharing my experiences on the trail, and the enjoyment of the Backcountry with others. 

However, as I did research for a hiking trip one day, I couldn’t find what I needed to make an educated decision on what I was going to need for that hike. 

So, I took my video camera and make a vid, that way if anyone ever searched that trail again. It would show up on Google, and others good get a good feel for that trail. 

Instead just reading about it on Wikapedia, or looking at still photo’s of someone else’s hiking trip. I put together this web site so hikers from all over the world (that pack a cell phone, camera, or small video camera) can share their experiences with others. 

Why spend all day searching YouTube to watch backpacking video, when you can come right here.”

I’ve shared correspondence with Scott over the past few years and he’s done a great job with the site, I’m sure you’ll agree.

So, take a look and get inspired perhaps or while away the minutes enjoying some of the world’s finest scenery caught by folk just like you and me.

The Backpacker TV


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Don Dawber says:

    Apart from the fact that there`s someone called Terry Bond being given credit for your videos – that`s a really cool page and there are some really nice clips there. Thanks for the heads up “Mr Bond”.


  2. terrybnd says:


    Yeah, folk tend to get the “online” name wrong from time to time, Don.

    It's a good website. You can find loads of cool videos on there from all corners of the globe.


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