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As another month ends it’s not long before I set off and shoot my next video. After the great feedback from the last one featuring Moonlightshadow talking about his first wild camps – I’m going to continue the theme with another two features.

The second will go more in-depth on his gear choice – why he’s taken some things and not others and so on. Hopefully, some of you who follow my blog and are new to spending nights out on the hill’s will take some more inspiration from this approach.

And perhaps those who enjoy this hobby regularly will look on them with a smile reminiscing about previous adventures in the great outdoors.

So, as always I’ve already begun planning what I’m going to shoot – what style, techniques and so on – and of course what music I shall use.

Music is I find integral to any video you choose to view – it can make or break it to a degree and so this is something I pay particular attention to.

Furthermore, it help’s me envisage the video I wish to produce and gauge the effect it may have on the viewer. Of course, I am only an amateur with this hobby but I do enjoy the effort and elements of creativity involved.

Needless to say, what music I come up with now may not feature in the final edit – but it does help give me and perhaps yourselves an idea what to expect.

I’m hoping to pull out all the stops on this next video, too. I’ve took more time in the planning of it and like the last one – I hope it shows and of course entertains.

Before I sign off on this post, I’d like to say thank you to all those who’ve emailed me complementing my video’s and the music, too – it’s very humbling.

Several of you have asked where they could purchase the track used at the end of my last video.

It was in fact something I created myself . If you wish, I’ve uploaded the track below for you to listen to and while away the time.

Good Morning
And here is a track I’ve been working on for the next video I hope to have on this blog early August.




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  1. Don Dawber says:

    Very cool stuff Terry. I know very little about this side of music – are you using sample and clip libraries for most of those sounds?
    However you`re doing it – it really shows that you put the time into making the whole thing work together – story/picture/edits/effects/sound/music all work to make the finished item come over as a fully focused and spectacularly well produced film.
    Thanks for the insight into your world!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Terry works his socks off to prepare those videos, I know, I take the brunt of his emails and sms to ask me to consider something, my opinion on another or just a little recap of what stage the project is in.

    That's one seriously dedicated man!

    Right, got homework to do for the next video! šŸ˜‰



  3. terrybnd says:

    @Don Dawber – Thank you, you're very kind.
    Yes, most of the music is sound samples and the like – I'm more a glorified D.J cum sound mixer if you like.

    I have a USB keyboard so I can key in new notes and melodies using sampling software, too.

    You'd be very surprised to learn how long it takes to come up with some of the track's I create.

    The “Good Morning” track alot of folk seem to like took me around 24 hours in total. Doesn't seem like it, mind.

    I'm working on one right now as it happens for the next video – though it is likely to be altered once I begin editing the video.

    There is a plan to all this madness – honestly! LOL


  4. terrybnd says:

    @ MLS _ I do hope it doesn't bother you too much! LOL šŸ˜‰


  5. Don Dawber says:

    Thanks for the reply Terry – and to MLS too for taking “the brunt”!
    I completely understand how long it takes and how much effort goes into producing music. I play guitar in a couple of bands and have a small home studio where I have recorded a few local bands. I do this in sonar on a pc but I use it only really as a glorified tape machine – I understand very little about midi and sequencing.
    But again much respect to you for your music and I realise that in your films that`s only part of the work involved.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Not a bother at all, at least I know the “work” I put in has some seriously good consequences!



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