Rough Cut

Apologies to readers and followers for my absence – and to those I’ve been late replying to emails.

I’ve been busy of late enjoying camping trips with my wife and also planning my next video. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been spending a great deal of time working on my next chapter in a wild camping video trilogy aimed at beginners – the first being “Wild Camping”

Just this last weekend, I hooked up with Moonlightshadow in the Yorkshire Dales National Park for a wild camp to film our next installment. We also had the company of a newbie to spending night’s out on the hills – Andy.

The weather was better than forecast and in the end I managed to capture around 90% of what I had in mind.

I don’t normally do this – but I’m going to show you a brief rough clip from the next video!

I’ve come at a crossroads with this one. I’m not too sure with what I’ve created so far requires a voice-over, none at all or some simple informative titles.

It’s namely for the opening part of the clip you are about to see.

So, any feedback would be much appreciated.

It’s not a big dilemma for me at the moment as I can and will continue to edit the video but it’s something I’m mindful of Β and yet to decide upon. Feel free to let me know.

The company was a pleasure as always and it’s great to share such experiences with like-minded folk. Moonlightshadow has really been bitten by the wild camping bug, now – and so too has Andy who will also feature briefly in the video – which is great to see.

Their enthusiasm is infectious and it shows within the footage I’ve captured (though not necessarily in this clip) and I hope it goes to show that with a little common sense and some shrewd spent pennies that anyone can take up this inspiring and very fulfilling hobby.

Even though it rained heavily at times and threatened to ruin my plans – spirits were high and the momentum was maintained.

Unfortunately, for Moonlightshadow and Andy I probably took away a little of their enjoyment of the area – what with my impulsive stops and starts, barking orders and general bossing around.

Even shots where I asked them to do particular actions and consequently felt rather stupid – I tried to reassure them of the videos final effect and there would be nothing to be embarrassed about.

I filmed a total of 90 minutes footage of which I have to edit down to under 10 – and along with the number of planned shots I intend to use with a certain style of editing- this next chapter will take me a bit longer than normal to complete.

But I hope the final edit will be worth it in the end.

The overall aim of this video is to show those who are interested in taking up backpacking what sort of kit to take and why – the first being a more general overview of why folk take up wild camping.

There’s nothing too specific because kit selection and choice in itself can be a minefield for discussion – but here we’re keeping it basic – perhaps seen as reassurance to those of a nervous disposition spending nights out on the hills – and honestly there really is nothing to be worried about.

I do hope it pays off – though after this it will be some time before I get out with my video camera again. Quite simply put it’s mentally draining and time consuming.

A few solo trips out on the hills will be the order of the day and some simple trip reports on this blog I think.

Anyway, here we go – take a look at the clip below and let me know what you think. Please be mindful it’s a rough cut and there will be some changes here and there and of course there is more to come.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don't worry both Andy and I had a very good time, you're pussy compared to some commanding officers I had during national service πŸ˜‰



  2. Anonymous says:

    There I was watching a video on you tube ( Bear Grylls & Will Ferrell in Men Vs Wild )dare I say,then my rss reader scrolled along the bottom of my status bar with an update of somebody's blog saying rough cut new video. I opened a new tab with anticipation to see who had updated their blog and low and behold it was terrybnd. Great to see your pre-release of your new video. I thoroughly enjoyed it, can't wait for the full version.


  3. EQUIPnTRIP says:

    Your post is quite interesting, describing what you want to achieve and being at a crossroads. I sense you nearly have a love/hate relationship with the editing as you try to work out how to best complete the video.

    It seems that you can see a number of possible ways to complete it. I like the idea of simple text titles. I think the visuals and your music are quite powerful and don't need any narration.

    I'd love to see your videography on a big screen (iMax size) with a good sound system.

    How do you get a grant to kick start doing this full time. I think you'd produce some great work Terry.

    I look forward to the final cut.

    Allan McDonald @


  4. That is a sweet looking video, mate! Looking forward to the finished movie, it is great that your friends agreed to “act” for you and that you had to courage to boss them around!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Yuri is definitely muscling his star qualities….Andy had to play second fiddle I see!
    Looking forward to the final version mate. I will have to put my makeup back on and show these whippersnappers how it's done. :0)) and get out there with you in september.
    (yeah, I do take it off occassionally!)
    Nice one.
    Dave C2U


  6. Anonymous says:

    Hello Terry,

    Great films just wondering what camera you use and do you take a tripod on your trips?



  7. terrybnd says:

    @Darren – I use a Canon HV20 video camera and a couple of cheap tripods.

    @Allan – I'm thinking along the same lines, now. Some discreet but informative titles. I suspect some may find the initial sequence to be boring.

    I'll sit on it and wait.

    But I did plan on giving this video a certain look and feel – it's just that where I planned for a voice-over – I'm not sure it needs one, now.

    And am concious that things wouldn't be that clear to some viewers.

    Thanks for the feedback EVERYONE it really is much appreciated.


  8. Don Dawber says:

    I`m possibly in a minority but I love the “simplicity” of the look at the moment. Although the simple text titles would not detract from how it currently stands. Just my instant opinion – I certain that I haven`t given it as much consideration as you have! The commentary idea could work if done tastefully – only now I cant` get the deep voice of Don LaFontaine saying “In a world where backpacking and wild camping were dark arts….” out of my mind!
    As always with your films, this would already sit comfortably alongside professional work!


  9. ukmase says:

    Honest opinion as always Terry . I am not liking this video.
    The last one was kind of a story, this one is too random, some nice shots etc but if i was looking at this video and you didnt tell me it was about wild camping i wouldnt really know what its about.
    I am sure you will get it right when you edit it.


  10. terrybnd says:

    Keep em coming – the feedback! Thanks. Helps clear my mind.

    @ukmase – aye, it appears to be too random at the moment but it soon settles down, there is a plan to the apparent madness πŸ˜‰

    However, here's another idea….

    Maybe the intial slow sequence would be best suited later in the video?

    And begin this chapter from the point where it kicks in and becomes more frenetic leading upto MLS at camp etc?

    It may not feel such a long intro then and perhaps make more sense?

    And with the close-ups on the flora and fauna – a voice-over on then?

    Any thoughts?


  11. Paul says:

    I like it Terry its different too what you usually do but in a good way, am not sure about the begining its good but is it on too long?? I like the flicking between different shots, its good to capture happiness in these Wild Camp videos takes the serious edge off it, voice over mmmm not too sure I like it the way you have done it, I do believe this is going to be a good video. Permission to steal the flicking through different shots so I can copy the style in my next movie πŸ˜‰ llok forward to watching the final edit.


  12. terrybnd says:

    Thanks Paul.

    Thanks to the feedback – I've basically kept the clip as it is πŸ˜‰

    Except, I've trimmed 70 seconds off it. It's much snappier now without losing it's momentum and impact.

    The beginning bit has been trimmed bigtime but IMO to no ill effect.

    I've 99% completed that whole clip now including the sound.

    And am now working on the rest of the video.


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