Wild camping – Get out and stay out!

Here’s the first addition to the revamped blog – a page all about the basics of wild camping, backpacking, whatever you want to call it – a source of information and gained knowledge.

Wild Camping – what is it?

I’ve tried to keep it interesting without being too mundane for those who are new to this hobby or even contemplating it – there’s even a small write-up based on a feature I produced for Country Walking magazine some time ago to whet the appetite!

In due course, I’ll make further additions with the likes of basic kit, food, water treatment and so on – hopefully along with some videos.

Sourcing the internet for information specifically about backpacking in the UK tends to come from a few blogs and outdoors forums. So, to some it could be a pain in the rear in picking up the hows and whys – furthermore they could feel intimidated for even asking “dumb” questions on forums and so on.

And when it comes to kit? Well, I’ll try to submit honest and objective reviews on the essentials covering all budgets. Those who know me well will know I use some budget gear – they can work just as well as the bigger brands out there!

Hiking shouldn’t be an expensive hobby – and doesn’t need to be – but there are some essentials where if a few more pennies are spent it can make a world of difference for comfort or convenience.


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  1. -maria- says:

    Thanks for the information on wildcamping and the legislation in the UK – it made things much clearer to a foreigner like me!

    A nice blog with many beautiful pictures you have.


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