NEW VIDEO – A Walk In The Park

Consider this short video to be a ‘movie’ trailer for the Peak District National Park – I had simply intended to produce a serene and scenic animated postcard but it evolved into something else altogether.

Granted, it does not show all the key sights to be experienced in the Peaks  – afterall the scenes are of places I’ve visited over the past few weekends – but I hope it gives a small reflection on the diversity of scenery to be enjoyed by all.

Initially, I had the running time at around the 8 minute mark but this soon got trimmed down inadverdently to it’s present 5 minutes or so. I’d personally like it be longer – but given the style I’ve edited this video I think it may have felt a little laborous viewing. I could be wrong, of course – let me know.

But some of the sights I’ve visited of late have truly been an eye-opener and in turn I’ve been inspired to head back with the video camera with other specific projects in mind – some of which will take me some months to complete.

For example, though it does not feature in this video – I’d like to produce a feature on Carl Wark Fort or Arbor Low in more detail capturing the seasonal changes in the landscape along with detailed information about these ancient sites . I simply find them humbling and extremely fascinating upon closer inspection – they add another layer to my enjoyment of the great outdoors.

Truth be told, I’ve collected video from dozens of sites which include flora, fauna and more – and I’d have loved to have edited them into this latest short feature – but somehow I just never quite got round to it. A wonderful sunset from the Cat and Fiddle pub (Britain’s second highest pub), fossils on Parkhouse Hill, various ancient burial mounds, old mosses and rare limestone ferns and more.

All said and done they make great additions to my video library, ready for any other presentations in the coming months.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I have producing it – it’s took me some time to put together despite it’s short running time – and if anything perhaps inspire you to further explore the wonders of the Peak District National Park….


17 Comments Add yours

  1. Maz says:

    The new layout is really good. The old one was pretty good, but this is very pleasant indeed. Terry – you an interior designer by trade… 😉


  2. terrybnd says:

    Thanks Maz – you're very kind.

    There are still a few bugs in the site to sort out – I've been distracted by my trips and the video of late.


  3. swanscot says:

    Wonderful video. Very interesting and it does indeed act as a trailer for the national park.


  4. EQUIPnTRIP says:

    Hi Terry,

    Another cracker video! You covered a lot of ground in 6 minutes. Urban scenes are new and also enjoyed the sped up video. The textual narrative adds an additional dimension and was informative.

    Besides all that, loved the scenery and your music, as usual.

    Great job mate.

    Allan McDonald @


  5. Anonymous says:

    Nice vid mate, i didn't realise you'd been to Arbor Low. !

    Geoff / Twigs


  6. Alistair says:

    Superb! Really enjoyed watching that. Took me somewhere else in the middle of the day, thanks for that 🙂


  7. Anonymous says:

    Another work of excellence old chap.

    Hope you well.



  8. Martin Rye says:

    I am really fond of the Peak District. The video shows why it is so good – yet so many often overlook it seeking higher fells further North. They don't know what they are missing.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Bloody good stuff as usual matey. Hope the National parks are watching too. You'll have more filming to do for promotional videos……….

    Dave N. :0))


  10. Brilliant vid and music. Where do you find the time?


  11. terrybnd says:

    Thank you all for your very supportive and kind words.

    I'm pleased so many people like it – makes the effort worth while.

    I was quite taken aback at how long this video took me to complete given it's a little over 5 mins duration!! But I think it shows with the end result (or at least I hope it does!).


  12. Paul says:

    yea Terry bit more time and it shows mate, excellent, you have a belter here mate put together really well, I know how long it takes and you have done well mate


  13. David Murphy says:

    Great vid mate, i know how long it can take to edit a vid, what to keep and what not, my vids are knocked together and it can take me days, anyone can see the effort thats went into this masterpiece.
    Now just see back in your chair and watch your praises come flooding in 🙂


  14. granty_ says:

    Cracking video Terry…I'm so jealous of you waking up to all that mist in the Edale valley! Maybe one day I'll get it (whats your secret to look out for on the forecast!?)

    I think Lud's Church and that would make a nice addition to this video or in another one 🙂


  15. Anonymous says:

    A cracking video, Terry.
    This film is educational as well as entertaining
    and really does the business for the place.
    Also your music – dramatic and beautiful as ever
    adds great impact to this stunning piece of film work.
    First class.


  16. terrybnd says:

    @granty – Secret? A good understanding of the weather and how it plays on our landscape. And I have to add – local knowledge of how weather will play in the vicinity, a bit like a farmer knows from experience of his land. In my case from visiting certain places so often!

    @Steve – thank you along with everyone else. It's very humbling and a real pleasure to share it all with you.


  17. The Odyssee says:

    I'm blown away by your attention to detail. Enjoyed every minute. I hope one day that i can get even half as good as that. Thanks for the inspiration….Alan


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