Rab Infinity Jacket, Rab Exodus Jacket and more food – on test

“Oh my God! Who killed Kenny?”

As October draws to a close – so the long dark nights and cold autumnal weather begins to kick in. And so it’s apt that I’ve just received the new Rab Infinity down jacket   (review here) to try out along with their soft shell Exodus.

This weekend and many more to come will see me spending a great deal of time in the Peak District National Park. This is mainly down to a video I’ve been commissioned to produce similar in vein to my recent audio visual effort ‘A Walk In The Park’ and so it makes sense with the hours spent out on the moors and hills in all weathers to test some new kit.

Incidentally, the video will cover many more sites than I included before along with the changing seasons and as a consequence of this will take several months to complete with an expected running time of 15 minutes. Needless to say, I’ll be seeking fantastic viewpoints in all weather conditions – so if you have any tips or favourites to share, do give me a shout!

The Rab Infinity down jacket weighs not much more than 500g’s size large and is filled with over 200g’s of top quality European white goose down. Fill power is 850 and combined with the latest Pertex Quantum 10d nylon fabric – it lofts extremely well, is silky soft to the touch and very water resistant.

A deep sewn in hood with Lycra edges and on the cuffs, too make this a very, very cozy jacket to wear. It feels like you’re wrapped up in a summer down sleeping bag! In fact, with the jacket that’s been sent to me being bright orange – I look not to dissimilar to Kenny in South Park. Either way I’ll submit more details on that soon along with a video.

Rab’s new soft shell jacket – the Exodus – is in the mid-weight range and on first impressions doesn’t feel too bulky as some other equivalent jackets can  Namely because there’s no membrane or fleece lining. The sleeves are articulated which is always a handy feature – in turn the jacket feels comfortable and not too restrictive thanks to the ‘stretchy’ fabric. It appears tough and durable and after a quick spray with a hose pipe is very water resistant. Naturally, this can wear away in time but it’s a good sign of how tightly woven the material is and hopefully wind proof.

The main zip on the front even features a nifty rubberised storm flap – so this should help to keep any potential water ingress at bay. Velcro adjustable cuff tabs and two exit hem drawcords are thrown in, pit zips and finally a full on adjustable hood with wired peak and roll away closure!!

So, some cracking features for a soft shell jacket.

It is designed for ‘highly aerobic’ activities – and to be fair I’m not the most ‘active’ of types when out hiking but I do like soft shell as it can be a happy medium between a fleece and waterproof jacket combo. I tend to sweat a lot, too – so we’ll see how breathable the jacket really is.

Endeavouring to get the best shot in my videos I often crawl and climb in places where the kit I’m wearing will be vulnerable to ‘attack’ from nearby rocks never mind the general childish rolling around on the ground (you’d think I was a dog lying on it’s back waiting for it’s stomach to be stroked)- so this jacket should get a thorough testing from myself in the coming weeks and months.

On top of all that, I have some more food to test from Fuizion of which I’m looking forward to. From the latest menu we have All Day Breakfast, Vegetable King Po with Noodles, Beef Bouruignon and Rice and El Cocida Madrileno (goodness knows what’s in this one but I reckon it will be delicious!).

And finally – I’ll be taking the LiteHouse Solo tent from Gram Counter Gear out for a spin. So, far I’m really impressed with this shelter – it’s surprisingly spacious, sturdy and quick to pitch. The mesh lip that surrounds the groundsheet and is permanently attached to the fly to catch any condensation that rolls down the inside is a good idea. We’ll see how that performs in practice.

I do tend to camp in exposed locations as they often afford the best views -so I’ll have to be mindful of the tent’s sides that may concave and flap in any potential high winds (which could in effect just splatter any built up condensation onto me). Nevertheless, if it becomes a concern I’ll pitch somewhere a little more sheltered.

The flysheet comes down very close to the ground – if needs be – to prevent spindrift but it can be adjusted at the rear and elsewhere with careful consideration to create better airflow and prevent any considerable build up of moisture inside.

So, all in all I have some busy weekends ahead and am looking forward to trying out all of the above.

For now, I’m debating whether to take some kind of insulation like a piece of Thermawrap to bump up my comfy Therm-a-Rest Neoair  due to the cold prevailing conditions this weekend!

And I’m hoping my instinct is right in heading for a certain place to catch a potential cloud inversion….


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Peter Crawford says:

    I think 'El cocida madrileno' might be chicken, or possibly cock. If it is authentically spanish it may also contain the flesh of a donkey they pushed off a belltower. Bon appetit!


  2. terrybnd says:

    Hi PC! LOL You may well be right! The list is quite extensive on the ingredients


  3. Anonymous says:

    Some super looking kit you have to try out, Terry.
    I look forward to hear how you get along with it all.
    As a matter of interest, El Cocida Madrileno is a traditional Spanish chickpea based stew with veg, spuds and meat. A hearty meal indeed according to Wiki, so get stuck in mate!

    (Hilly on lfto)


  4. Martin Rye says:

    Is that test kit from RAB? If it is will you say it is no good if it is no good? Saying that it looks nice Kit. I had a look at the Down jacket a while back and it appeared to be top kit.


  5. terrybnd says:

    @Steve – Thanks and you've sold me on the El Cocida Madrileno!! I wondered what the hell it was – it's new forthcoming meal from Fuizion they sent me to try. It's now packed away ready for tomorrow!

    @Martin – Yes, it's test kit. I'm an honest and down to earth guy and Rab know that, too. There are no strings or caveats.

    Any review will be honest and forthcoming. No worries there.

    The Infinity down jacket is bloody awesome, mate. It's the attention to detail in the design I like. For example, though the hood is large – the lycra ensures a snug fit around your face. No flapping or obstruction of view.

    The Exodus, got some great features but is hard to gauge how it will perform just yet. We'll see in time and use.


  6. Neil says:

    Wow Terry! You've got a commission! That's fantastic.
    Thinking of giving up the day job?




  7. terrybnd says:

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks!! Yeah, great news, eh? There's more to reveal but all in good time. I don't want to tempt fate just yet.

    Whatever the results are – it will be some time before I can afford to give up the day job, I'm afraid! LOL


  8. Anonymous says:

    Terry, can you add some field pictures of infinty jacket?


  9. terrybnd says:


    Some field pictures of any gear testing will be on the blog soon.

    As it happens I've written up my report on the Infinity jacket and will put up a review next week.


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