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After some mulling over social networks and other various tools – I’ve decided to experiment with Twitter.

Now, if I’m honest I feel a little reticent with all this. Not being one to be easily swayed – some friends have raised some valid points in me creating a Twitter account. Some aspects to it I find absolutely bizarre – why would anyone want to know if you’ve just left the house for work or how much you just enjoyed a meal and more?

But I can see it’s merits when it comes to sharing aspects of a trip out in the hills. If I’m up on a summit and catch a beautiful sunrise, I tend to take a snap on my phone and then send that with some brief description to a number of friends.

On reflection, that’s what I’ll be doing on Twitter. Any outdoors related stuff – I’ll ‘twitter’ it (is that grammatically correct?).

So, don’t expect me to talk about what I had for breakfast – unless I’m on a wild camp – or tell you all which pub I’m about to visit. This will purely be a way to share with you any impulsive thoughts and moments to do with the great outdoors.

It could be a passing thought on the new Rab Exodus I’m testing (I could forget little details and Twitter could be useful for that), a picture of my camp for the night and so on and on. It’s only stuff I share with friends as when I can when out on the hills, anyway. We’ll see eh?

When do I start?

Today. I head off to the Peak District in a few hours – let’s see how it goes….just hit the button below or on the right in the sidebar and sign up!

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Neil says:

    Be careful about telling people where you are Terry – There's been quite a few cases of dodgy people keeping an eye on Twitter or facebook and then popping around to help themselves when they know you are away for the day.

    Mostly, it's been happening in the 'States but I've heard of a couple of cases here too 😦




  2. terrybnd says:

    Hi Neil,

    There's nothing to worry about. I work in IT concerning fraud and threat detection.

    There's always someone at my home anyway – even when we as a family are away on hols. My Tweets will be purely outdoors related – and the rest of my family have no interest in that side of things. So, when I'm out….they're at home and so on.


  3. terrybnd says:

    Thanks for your concern, though!!


  4. owdbum says:

    sorry…thought I'd logged onto Summit and Valley by mistake.


  5. Jeff Gater says:

    Looks like the mid week weather forecast was right and Sunday morning should be a cracker.
    Get your camera ready terry!!!
    Looking forward to seeing your pics and reading about the trip. 🙂


  6. terrybnd says:

    Hi Jeff – Yes, the Met Office forecast was perfect from Saturday evening and Sunday.



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