Peak District Wild Camp – some photos

Well, I’m absolutely shattered right now. It’s not like I walked many miles at the weekend – I suspect it’s a combination of ‘brain drain’ and lack of sleep.

I slept well Saturday night but not so the previous evening – thanks to the LiteHouse Solo tent flapping in some 30mph+ winds and the ensuing condensation splattering into my face. I did pitch somewhere exposed though – to suss out it’s strengths and weaknesses.

Nevertheless, I did enjoy myself thoroughly and managed to capture some stunning scenery on video.

The aim at the moment is to capture various scenes of the Peak park during the autumn season (and every other thereafter) for a more elaborate version of my recent video, ‘A Walk In The Park’. So, I’ll be spending many of my weekends in the Peak District for quite some time now. Which is no bad thing, of course – I’ve already visited little known sites and explore other places well off the beaten path.

But I will seek to place my footing on other high topped places when I can squeeze them in. I’m keen to get back to the Howgills at some point this winter, for example.

For now, have a listen to this short track I’ve put together for this forthcoming labour of love Peak District video and peruse some screenshots fresh from the video tape I captured this weekend….

Peaks Winter – Opening Track (1m20sec)

While on my weekend jaunt, I managed to film some footage of the LiteHouse Solo tent – I’ll edit that this week for those who are interested. Overall impression so far? I really like it. More on that later, though….

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  1. Mac E says:

    Look forward to your review of the Litehouse Terry. You really like it? that's good news given that you were taking it out of it's comfort zone.


  2. terrybnd says:

    Hi Mac,

    Yeah, decided as it's a test – well, to test it! 😉
    Initially, I was a bit luke warm but by the end of the weekend?

    Well, let's put it this way – I'd buy one if I were one of it's target market. And I've been through loads of tents in my time. Of course, that can be subjective.

    So, yeah, it grew on me….it surprised me to be honest.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Some familiar scenes there mate, real pissed i couldn't make it, damn man flu.

    Geoff / Twigs


  4. terrybnd says:

    Hi Twigs,

    No worries. You'll have likely got annoyed with my slow pace – constantly filming etc.

    Besides, wind chill Saturday night was below zero – you'd have hated it 😉 LOL


  5. Moonlight Shadow says:

    That's one lovely pitch there!


  6. Paul says:

    I been tweeting ya mate did you get them? look fwd to the video


  7. terrybnd says:

    @Paul – no I've not seen anything, mate. I'll check later.

    @Moonlightshadow – it was a great pitch, mate. I'm gonna go back to that one when there's lots of snow. I seem to have a knack of getting the right weather when I go solo and more mixed if with company eh? LOL


  8. Anonymous says:

    Cracking pictures and sound once more, and I'm looking forward to the video, Terry.
    A great idea with the tweets – followed 'em all.
    Your 'slow pace' would suit me to a tee as MLS would no doubt confirm after our round of Edale a few weeks ago – LOL !



  9. Jeff Gater says:

    Real nice pics, terry.
    That camp spot looks a cracker as do your other pics.
    Living in Manchester I should try a wild camp up there sometime, its only a stones throw away from me.
    I usually head over to the mountains of North Wales when I get chance but looking at your pics and vids I can feel a trip closer to home coming soon!!

    Really looking forward to the full story.



  10. terrybnd says:

    @Steve – Thanks. I'm no pace setter nowadays I have to admit. I much prefer the slower walking – you take in more.

    @Jeff – I've only recently been taking in more of the Peaks. I feel ashamed already I've not done more before (always heading for the higher ground further north). Peaks has a lot to offer and more.


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