Sunday matinee – The Priest Hole Cave

Here’s a Sunday matinee for you – a video I’ve dug out and dusted down to give the YouTube HD treatment. All 14 minutes of it.
It’s an oldie this – a video I made of a friend spending the night in the Priest Hole Cave on Dove Crag in the Lake District National Park.
It always pained me that at the time I had to upload the video in three parts due to time limits set by YouTube. Now, some of these restrictions have been lifted and so we can view the film as I intended.
Seeing as it’s that time of year I thought it would be quite appropriate to share it all with you – I was quite proud of it at the time. I tried to develop my camerawork, editing and music along with storytelling.
It’s not perfect by any means and I learnt a lot from the experience – but I particularly like the final sequence as Eion wakes the following morning in the cave to a cloud inversion! Some of the photography and music I came up with still stands well in my eyes – it came across as planned – atmospheric and beautiful. I’d like to think many of you would agree.
I recall the night before we visited the cave how the weather was quite atrocious and I kept insisting it would improve to Eion and we may well catch a temperature inversion. This did appear very hopeful at the time admittedly – but right on cue it happened.
I remember lying in my sleeping bag and waking for a call of nature and noting I could now see stars in the sky as opposed to clag through the mouth of the cave. I jolted upright and peered over the wall to see all the cloud below me.
I chose not to wake Eion from his slumber and instead went back to sleep while checking my alarm clock would set off before sunrise.
The morning that followed still lingers in my memory to this day – it was truly hauntingly beautiful. One of my favourite ‘mountain moments’ ever – and only just shy of 2 years ago….


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