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It may or may not have been apparent in recent weeks that I’ve been spending a great deal of time in the Peak Park – he says with a wink and a nod – and there’s a very good reason for that.

I’ve been commissioned to produce a varied selection of videos featuring Britain’s most popular national park.

Some and hopefully many will feature various accommodations for visitors to this scenic corner of England and others being informative guides to places of interest – all featuring my stamp and take of this beautiful landscape.

Early mornings out seeking that best view on video

I began blogging about my trips and videos out onto the hills only last January and during that time I’ve caught the eye of a few companies and other parties. The attention I’ve received has been somewhat bemusing on my part – I only wish to share my love and passion for the great outdoors – and in doing so my site now receives over 11,000 hits every month. So, thank you to those who find me interesting or enjoy seeing the sights I experience. And a big thank you to those who have welcomed me very warmly to a vibrant blogging community.

Most of my visitors come from the U.K, naturally – but a growing number are coming from the United States and Continental Europe. I always figured that this was down in the main to my amateur video productions. I enjoy browsing through sites like YouTube and viewing folks videos on the outdoors – be it wild camps, a tent in a storm or a wonderful panorama. I find this whole movement fascinating and extremely interesting.

The internet has proven in the past few years to be somewhat of a pandoras box for some but to the majority a real liberation in sharing information and communication. For example, I enjoy following Martin at Summit and Valley. His thoughts, trips and gear reviews and all round character is interesting. So, too is Robin at Blogpackinglight along with his attention to detail and DIY efforts on various gear. There’s Peter at ptc with the huge amount of gear he reviews which are always informative with a nice personal touch. And another favourite out of many is Geoff of v-g Backpacking in Britain – a truly inspiring bit of webspace. There’s loads of great blogs out there.

For me, the internet has been a gift in learning a craft (and continue to do so) and producing the results for all to see and share. With each and every short film I’ve made I’ve endeavoured to out-do myself on the next effort – and granted not always successfully – but it’s all part of a long learning curve.

A curve to an ambition where I can perhaps one day make a living from. Where I can combine a love for film and all that it entails with a yearning to always be out in the great outdoors.

Wild Camping my passion and joy

There have been a few turning points along the way so far which have spurred me on and filled me with renewed vigour and confidence – one of which was winning Trail Magazines Mountain Film Competition last year with ‘Nirvana’.

A personal piece I tried to keep simple but have maximum impact and in some other respects a subject matter that many of us can relate to and enjoy.

And so as time has gone by it lead me to what I consider another personal piece – ‘A Walk In The Park’.

What started as a personal video montage to a place I was beginning to appreciate more and more for it’s intimate and diverse beauty – evolved into something of a showcase ‘movie trailer’ for the Peak District National Park.

And it’s this very video that on reflection pushed me under the noses of a few powers that be out there.

One being ‘Let’s Stay Peak District’ part of the ‘Let’s Stay’ group in the U.K. In the owner I’ve made a good friend who’s enthusiasm and adoration for the Peak Park (his home the lucky beggar) and confidence in my abilities has now led me to the video work I now produce.

I’ve received many other flattering comments about my videography along the way – some I feel are not deserved and others way too complementary – but it’s Mike of ‘Let’s Stay’ I’ve chosen to work with. Not only do we think alike and at times be giddy as schoolboys about future projects but he’s proving to be a wise and informative guide.

A scene from ‘A Walk In The Park’. It took me three attempts to capture this on video

So, what can folk expect to see from me in the coming months? Well, I am to produce a video similar to ‘A Walk In The Park’ featuring the Peak District through the seasons (one that’s proving to be very demanding already) along with some other similar projects of which I’m unable to divulge at present.

But also (hopefully) short promotional videos for various businesses. The very first of which you can view below (there are more to come soon and in different styles, too).

As some of you may well know – I’m a keen wild camper (if that wasn’t obvious) and in turn much of what you will see in the coming weeks and months were recorded from me spending nights out on the hills and moors after long day hikes.

I hope to promote not only whatever the specific interest maybe – but also the landscape at large. The sights, sounds and moods anyone can go and enjoy for themselves. And ironically, at a time where not only is the Peak District about to celebrate it’s 60th birthday but with interest in the outdoors being at it’s highest for years and years.

In the meantime, I will continue to share with you my outdoor hikes and short videos as none of the above will ever interfere with my hobby. For example, I’m keen to film another short with Moonlightshadow on a winter wild camp and see how his confidence has grown to think about spending a night out during the winter (common sense and a little careful planning is all that is needed, really).

Please accept my apologies for a somewhat mawkish post – but I just wanted to share with you the good fortune that has chanced upon my way of late and how I excited I am as to what potentially lies ahead and of course fill in a few blanks between the lines of what I’ve been up to.

I’ve no doubt there will be tough times to come (I’ve already felt like smashing a camera lens in frustration from being burnt out) and a lot more to learn and develop with my video making skills. I’ve got no doubt whatsoever about any of that.

But I’m poised and ready to take things to the next level and in doing so share with you this new road I tentatively place my muddy and battered trail shoes on…..

Let’s Stay Peak District – Uppermoor Farm and Holiday Cottages


7 Comments Add yours

  1. I enjoy your videos, Terry. You obviously put a lot of effort into them. They are another dimension in blogging. I think you've persuaded me to pay a visit to the Peak District!!


  2. terrybnd says:

    Thanks Robin.

    I'll shall be paying the Peaks another visit this coming weekend – should be some good snow about


  3. Martin Rye says:

    Good stuff and well done. What matters is bloggers blog their passion and don't get distracted. Your passion shines through. Hence why folks keep coming back. Look forward to more.


  4. GeoffC says:

    You clearly have great patience and dedication setting up those videos, the results show that. I hope the future projects go well.
    Capturing the diversity of one location such as the PDNP should be an absorbing project, it could evolve into an excellent showcase of the area.


  5. Certainly shows up the rest of us with our vga quality wind blown shaking messes we call our videos! 🙂


  6. terrybnd says:

    Thanks guys for your very kind words. I mean that…

    @Geoff – I can assure you that already I've captured some of the finest scenes to be had in all weather of the Peaks. I'm really pleased so far – just another 9 months to go!


  7. Moonlight Shadow says:

    If you never hear from me again, it means Terry had me for breakfast this coming sunday morning, after I froze to death over night and he wanted to dispose of the evidence…

    A cracking promo-video, shows the property very well and the intro shot showcase the area with great attention to what makes it so nice, the “quaint village” scene should have posh types flocking to the place, they love that kind of stuff. It also turns the video into something more than just an advert, I'm sure your customer will appreciate that!


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