New Video – Castleton in the Hope Valley

The Great Ridge overlooking the Hope Valley

Through several weather forecast models available to view online – January was expected to be a wet, windy and cloudy month. Damn shame, I was getting used to the lovely winter conditions we have experienced of late.

And it’s put a spanner in the works to a degree on the videos I planned to produce, too.

Nevertheless, indications are that things will improve slightly during the run up until the end of this month and February is likely to be a cold and dry month.

All said and done, I did manage a scamper to the Peak District last Sunday – spotting a decent weather window to get some video of Castleton in the Hope Valley.

Winnats Pass with Mam Tor in the background

Leaving home with the missus at 6am we set off in the car with the intention of me capturing a fine sunrise from the summit of Mam Tor, The Shivering Mountain.

We encountered some very icy roads and more importantly clear skies – but alas, as we approached the Hope Valley, cloud was massing around at all levels.

Even so, as I stepped onto the summit – I had some atmospheric scenes to savour if I could manage to prevent myself and my camera equipment from blowing off the top!

My goodness! Not only was it bone shattering cold, the wind was horrendous. You couldn’t stand still for more than a few seconds. I promptly whipped the Kestrel 3000 out and recorded average wind speeds of 45mph with gusts to over 55mph! Awful!

I didn’t note the wind chill temperature – by this point I just wanted to get into the lee of the wind.

Some time after sunrise, conditions did improve and I then took a wander round the Winnats Pass as the skies cleared of cloud more and more.

And from there, I lugged my tripod and video camera around Castleton – of which you can see the results of below:

I’ll be away for several days hiking and filming in the Peak District again tomorrow – needless to say the current windy conditions should make my wild camps interesting. If you fancy staying in touch or having a chat – don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter:

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It often helps to have a little company on these long dark nights – mobile phone signal permitting, of course. And next week, I hope to produce a thorough review of my experiences with the Rab Alpine 600 down sleeping bag – it’s been used for at least 20 nights now, ranging from the freezing cold to mild, from damp to dry….


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