On test – Rab Exodus pants and Rab Drillium pants

Just in the nick of time, Rab have sent me two pairs of trousers to keep me comfortable on my trips out in the hills.

Arriving in the post last week came a pair of Rab’s Exodus soft shell pants and their famous Drillium eVent over trousers.

I usually wear a pair of Páramo Cascada trousers in the winter months and have done so for a few years – I find them extremely comfortable and warm. And of course they are waterproof and very breathable. Quite simply they are a joy to wear.

Unfortunately, I’ve got into the habit of tearing the seam up my arse and crotch of late – a consequence of me adding blubber round my waist from a feeding frenzy last Christmas and rolling around in the rough on the hill like a big kid. Isn’t it funny that the older you get – the harder it becomes to lose those extra unhealthy pounds?

Anyway, even though my wife has been happy enough to sew the damage done by my big bum – she’s getting a bit sick of it now. Saying that, it’s worth noting that’s one of the best things about Paramo gear – you can damage it but the product still works with minor repair (unlike membrane based fabrics a la Gore-Tex, for example).

In the meantime, I’ll be trying out these new troos from Rab.

The Rab Exodus pants are stretchy, comfortable, have articulated knees and appear to be very tough – perfect for me then!

Stretchy, tough fabric
Abrasion resistant crampon patches

The Rab Drillium pants slip over the top and are intended for heavy and prolonged downpours – made of 3 layer eVent fabric, they pack small and are extremely light (300gs-ish? Haven’t weighed them yet!)

Rab are big fans of eVent

Lightweight and easy to pull on over trousers

That Rab quality is there and going by how well their other gear has performed in recent months I have high hopes for these trousers.

More details and an in-depth review will be on here in the coming weeks….


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Look forward to the Drillium review as searching for a good quality pair of waterproof trousers for the TGO challenge.


  2. terrybnd says:

    Aye, James. Me, too. I'm no big fan of over trousers. These seem very good, though. But we'll see how they perform out in the field over the coming weeks. The Exodus pants I'm hoping are as good as they fit and feel.

    I'll be off out again this week for a few days and then the same the week after 🙂


  3. Anonymous says:

    I got a Drillium jacket last year and its the most breathable jacket I've ever had


  4. terrybnd says:

    Pleased to hear it. I expect good things from the Drillium pants


  5. Odinius says:

    I've a Drillium jacket '08 version and Drillium Pant.
    I love this pant, waterproof and breathable.


  6. terrybnd says:

    Hi Odinius,

    I'm pleased to hear of some endorsement!

    I've just got back from a very wet and windy trip and the Drillium pants performed perfectly.

    I'll save judgement for another time, though.

    Thanks for your thoughts, though. Much appreciated.


  7. Maz says:

    I have Montane Venture pants but they're a bit too feature rich and heavy for Alpine use (350g) – I just need something simple to go over either Montane Terra's in the lower valleys or ME Liskamm pants in the higher cols and ascents. The Drilllium pants are simple and light but I wonder about venting – that's the best thing about the Venture pants – they're easy to vent. Both are eVent so I'll wholeheartedly endorse that over Gore-tex (even Pro-Shell).


  8. terrybnd says:

    Hi Maz,

    I used to use the Montane Venture pants, too.

    The Rab Drillium pants are simple but effective.

    They slip over boots OK, don't rustle as much as others, hang nice over the foot and snug on the hip.

    So far – I'm really chuffed with them. Much better than I imagined to be honest.

    However, so far – venting has not been an issue for me, not being in the conditions to gauge the need.

    I'm going to give these pants a while before making judgement. But based on my experience so far, I think I'll rate them highly along with other users experiences. We'll see….


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