terrybndBLOGCAM – ‘Here, there and everywhere!’

Tissington Trail tunnel, Ashbourne

And now for something completely different – instead of a blogpost in the form of the written word – an alternative in the shape of a video!

Charting my recent trip to the Peak District National Park – follow my ups and downs hiking and wild camping -all the while filming such places as Ashbourne, Tissington and Dovedale.

The trip wasn’t quite as productive as I hoped due to the variable weather conditions I had to endure (including snow) – so another visit is on the cards at some point in the coming days.

This particular video was mostly shot on my mobile phone but does feature some work from my regular video camera towards the end of it’s duration. Also, thrown into the mix is a short music track I’m working on that will feature in the Dovedale video.

I’ll warn you now – if this were to be certified – it would receive a ‘Parental Guidance’ rating.

Furthermore, you’ll see me with my new D.I.Y haircut! The idea was to help me not look so ‘unkempt’ from spending 6 nights out in the hills. As it happens I was only in the Peak Park for a couple of days anyway!

The weather put paid to me sticking around for longer unfortunately.

Anyway, the ‘terrybndBLOGCAM’ will be here, there and everywhere! Including, the Outdoor Leisure Show this week. So, keep your eyes peeled – there’s something very interesting that will be featured in that….


15 Comments Add yours

  1. enjoyed that Terry, cheers – your face in the cave tells it all!


  2. Don Dawber says:

    You still manage to get great stuff even in the most uninspiring weather Terry!


  3. toffy says:

    hi terry,great video once again was that a bit of a shocker to wake up to the snow at your front door.


  4. toffy says:

    ps.like the idea of the blogcam keep up the good work.


  5. Anonymous says:

    I like it my friend, keep up the good work.


  6. Great new concept to blogging Terry, hope to see more terrybndBLOGCAM southport


  7. TheGuyUK. ;-) says:

    Car Crash TV Terry, keep it up, it is the real world you don't see. It will take time but keep up the momentum.

    Thumbs up!


  8. Moonlight Shadow says:

    Enjoyed that Terry! Nice little spot you got by Dovedale btw, you know I like woodlands 😉


  9. terrybnd says:

    @David – Thanks. A picture can say a thousand words, eh?

    @Don – You're very kind. In such conditions I have to get my creative thinking cap on! LOL

    @toffy/Geoff/Carl/TheGuyUK – Thanks. Much appreciated. I'll keep these going then!

    @Moonlightshadow – Cheers mate. Was a blinding little spot that pitch. Would've been better views if it weren't for the clag!


  10. LilMike says:

    ” The Joys Of The Outdoors “… Terry you wouldnt want it any other way mate.. well apart from the cow s**t..
    Nice video and blog site :-0)


  11. terrybnd says:

    Thanks LilMike 🙂


  12. bsdowling says:

    Really liked the vid! Great stuff. Nice bit of snow to.


  13. TheGuyUK says:

    At least if it is fresh cow sh*t it keeps your boots warm on a cold day.


  14. Mal Firth says:

    That was brilliant Terry. I think I've just wet myself laughing. 😉 Look forward to more of these. Better than the telly. 😉


  15. terrybnd says:

    Cheers guys.

    Looks like the terrybndBLOGCAM is here to stay then 😉


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