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Myself taking in the sunset from atop the Roaches in the Peak District

Here we go again! Sit back, take it easy and instead of spending several minutes reading about my recent trip out hiking and wild camping – view this video featuring titbits I recorded on my mobile phone.

It certainly was a visit full of ups and downs – make no doubt.

On the odd occasion I nearly packed up and headed home with no care for the consequences it would have on my filming schedule for the month ahead. And I’m glad I stuck around!

Not only did I place my feet and cast my gaze on areas of this national park I’ve never been to before but the weather gods decided to cut me some slack, too – and consequently I captured some of the best scenes (I feel) I’ve ever caught on video.

Alas, you only see a teasing glimpse of these in the final sequence of this rough and ready feature but I hope it gives you a flavour of what I get up to….


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  1. Paul says:

    very good mate you did say it was a rollercoaster and that it was lol, take the rough with the smooth.


  2. terrybnd says:

    Paul – video could've been longer, too! My phone crashed today and inexplicably deleted some of the video files. Either way, just shy of 15minutes is a little too long in my opinion…


  3. Hazel says:

    Your morale issues made me smile…I'm an all weather walker based in Buxton, sometimes I think people must wonder why we do it, but mostly I wonder why they don't! The good outweighs the bad by a long shot! Thanks for the video, and I've enjoyed nosing at your site 😉


  4. Anonymous says:

    Nice to know you can talk to the world as well as you can talk in company , mate! I enjoyed that, not least the recognition of highs and lows….and what day is it? Ha ha ha …..you made me laugh….with you.
    Dave N.


  5. terrybnd says:

    @Hazel – Thank you. You're very kind and you make a good point!

    @Dave – LOL You reckon? 😉 I don't feel so camera shy now. But don't encourage me! We'd all regret it! 😉


  6. Moonlight Shadow says:

    Great work Terry and, yeah, it's a tantalising glimpse at the end 😉

    HP is back next week after a brief Atlantic interlude btw 😉


  7. creep says:

    Very nice tube!
    I like.
    A desolate field in Britain is very attractive!


  8. terrybnd says:

    @MoonlightShadow – Thanks, mate. I did capture some cracking scenes on this trip. Building up quite the library collection now 🙂 And yeah, I got my eye on that bit of HP

    @creep – Cheers – I suppose a desolate field in Britain can be attractive LOL


  9. tookiebunten says:

    I love your clips they always put a smile on my face and it's great to see places that I wouldn't automatically think about walking and camping in. Being spoiled for choice as I am.

    Keep up the good 'work'. 🙂


  10. megadread says:

    Nice to see 5 wells in there mate, looks like you got some cracking shots.
    Great video, sums up the highs and low of a wildcamp perfectly.

    Geoff / twigs.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Another great Blog cam terry .Derbyshire is a place i have never ventured to but the more i see from your vids the more tempting its becoming , i guess i am a little spoilt living up here in Cumbria . I have ventured north to skye which was bloody good i highly recommend a trip up there !except 9 times outa 10 it bloody pisses down
    anyway keep em coming and looking forward to the next vid
    Gaz (Northlakes)


  12. terrybnd says:

    Thanks Gaz.

    All my work is Peak District based at the moment. I'm fully booked up. I do miss my regular visits to Cumbria, though. But yea, the Peaks are worth a visit and I hope to capture what most miss from this often overlooked national park (well, by most hill walkers anyway)

    @megadread – Thanks, mate 🙂


  13. Rob says:

    You never fail to make me chuckle mate. More blogcams please

    Screaming Tree


  14. terrybnd says:

    @Rob – Pleased to amuse you, mate LOL Yeah, I got more on the way. Surprised folk like em!


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