terrybndBLOGCAM – An American open air painter in the Peak District National Park

‘Supermoon’ from Arbor Low – it was a little disappointing more of which
next week.

Boy! Oh boy! Am I having a busy time of it of late. I nipped off to the Peak Park last Wednesday and went filming, returned on Sunday and was back out again today (Tuesday). And it’s not letting up.

But I’ll elaborate on these excursions next week.

In the meantime, the ‘terrybndBLOGCAM’ was wandering around some random moor and chanced upon an unusual sight – an open air painter!

With every trip, I meet more and more interesting people with many a story or secret to share on the Peak District National Park – and often I wished I filmed our conversations to share them with you.

There are some real characters out there of which many have very strong opinions of the place they live.

And naturally there are those whose enthusiasm is quite simply infectious, never mind inspiring.

Even so, bumping into an open air painter up on the moors is not something you see everyday….

Many thanks to Timothy Haglund – who happened to be a thoroughly decent chap and I enjoyed his company immensely. He even enjoys good ole English ale in proper decent pubs – my kind of guy!



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  1. loveart says:

    Hello Timothy,

    I enjoyed your interview and am so envious that you have the opportunity to paint for yourself. You are so extraordinary!! Thank you for sharing!

    Brenda Mauney Councill


  2. Anonymous says:

    Terry – nice work! Tim & I are friends from the “States”: I really like seeing his new work there in the Peak District. (which, by the way, I suggested to him as a possible site for painting)
    Your video is very well done & really gives insight into his evolving work there! Thanks!
    Here's my photography website: you can see some of our local images: http://johnohara.zenfolio.com/
    John O'Hara


  3. terrybnd says:

    @loveart – Hopefully, Tim will see your kind words 🙂

    @John – Thanks John. The video was just adhoc on the spur of the moment. Tim was “sound as a pound” (a top guy) as we say over here in the UK. No doubt he'll have lots of interesting observations to tell you. He certainly made me aware of some that I take for granted


  4. annmariesmodels says:

    That's awesome! If I were trying to find Tim, the first place I would look is for the open air painter up in the moors. I would not be surprised to find Brian there too! You work looks beautiful Tim. I'm enjoying your work as well Terry. Ann-Marie Pasko


  5. terrybnd says:

    Thank you Ann-Marie. I must say, Tim was a thoroughly nice chap


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