VIDEO: ‘Join Our Conversation’ – Peak District National Park Management Plan Consultation

Well, the time has passed and all is now settled – thank goodness. The past three weeks have been frantic for me what with filming and editing this video for the Peak District National Park Authority.

I think given the subject, I’ve made it engaging and human with a small stamp of my style thrown in. Who knows? It’s up to the viewer.

But it was a real pleasure meeting all those featured in the video and certainly made for enlightening conversation concerning the way the Peak Park is managed. There were lots of positives from people and a few grumbles, too – which is only fair as the national park means different things to different people.

Even so, this video only gives a brief insight to the many subjects that were touched upon – and in time, I hope to have the complete interviews online to complement this short work.

Join our conversation and help create the new Peak District National Park Management Plan

The public consultation begins on 15 April and ends on 1 July 2011

For the past year we have had a conversation with a wide variety of people and groups about how the national park should develop in the future.
The thoughts of all those we have talked to have been brought together in a consultation document, Join Our Conversation
Please encourage your colleagues, friends and anyone else with an interest in the future of the Peak District National Park to take part in our consultation and join our conversation.


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