Fuel and waste management

Which came first?

I had to laugh today – Podsacs have mailed me some waste management system packs and Look What We Found some new meals to try out!

Yeah, you couldn’t make it up Mr Postman.

Anyway, the poo bags (as I’m calling them) – here’s what Podsacs have to say:

The Podsacs Waste Management System is an innovative solution for biological and synthetic waste storage and transportation in the great outdoors. Available in sizes 10L, 4L and 1.5L the Waste Man is fully waterproof and airtight. The dual roll-top closure forms a secure seal and the outside of the sac carries a clear warning symbol to avoid confusion with other storage sacs.

The sac has external D-rings so that it can be attached to the outside of a rucksack or off the ground. The contents can be transported safely until proper waste disposal facilities become available.

This system avoids contaminating land and water and therefore the spread of disease.

Along with that a Podsac First Aid Dry Bag has arrived:

You shit bag!

These Podsacs Dry Bags are a simplestorage solution for first aid kits. Available n tow sizes, they have roll-top closure and are fully airtight and waterproof. Designed to store third-party, individual or group first aid kit and carrying the official ISO first aid logo – these bags are hard to miss. Made from tough 70D Nylon they have an internal bright white TPU coating that makes it easier to identify what you need in a hurry. External D-rings allow the drybag to be attached to the outside of a rucksack or on a hook for easy access, visibility and storage.

Well, we’ll see on these, eh? Handy and light (now!). I’m just curious how one is supposed to clean the poo bags once used.

Perhaps that’s why you need a first aid kit dry bag, no?

And finally – we have some meals from Look What We Found. Apparently, you don’t find these in the shops. Only online through their website:

Venison Stew with Apricot and Juniper 300g 240Kcal
Fellside Beef Casserole 300g 258Kcal
Herdwick Mutton, Lavender and Pearl Barley Risotto 300g 264Kcal
Traditional Pork and Herb Sausage Casserole 300g 360Kcal
Mushroom Stroganoff with hand-picked Scottish Mushrooms 250g 202.5Kcal

All natural ingredients – if you didn’t know – and can be boiled on your stove at camp and eat straight from the pouch. Best wet meals you can buy for camping – though not as calorific as other brands.

Some of the packs have the details printed into the package and others your usual paper label glued on.

The latter a bit of hassle if you tend to boil the food and use your water afterwards for a drink etc.

Nevertheless, they’re getting there and the meals tend to be bloody tasty – so I’m looking forward to what I’ve found here!


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  1. Mac E says:

    The LWWF meals are pretty good, I'm taking a couple with me tomorrow and bulking it up with some smash. For one or two nights is the weight an issue? probably not.

    The waste sacks are in interesting idea but unfortunately the type of people who leave the most mess won't bother. When I was out on Trostan the other day the mess including human waste/toilet paper at the edge of the forest near the path was a disgrace. I don't understand the mentality of people who go out to enjoy the outdoors and can't be bothered to make the slightest effort ot keep the place clean.


  2. terrybnd says:

    With you there Mac. On both counts. For my trips I take a mixture of meals. With the LWWF meals I tend to eat nuts or pork scratchings (healthy eh?) to up the calories.

    As for litter – mate, don't get me started. I smoke, and I collect my fag ends placing them in an empty packet or my rubbish bag. Why some folk make the mess they do is beyond me too. Why go out to enjoy it then wreck it.

    I think it's urbanites 99% of the time. Cause in urban areas, folk drop litter without thinking about it and some council fella will be along to clear the mess up.

    The mentality just sticks with em.

    But the bags are a good idea – we'll see what the end result is, eh?! LOL 😉


  3. Mac E says:

    Re. the fag ends Terry, have you seen the small foil lined pouches for putting them in? If you want a couple mail me your address and I'll try to sort you out.


  4. terrybnd says:

    No. Not seen them, mate. Sounds spot on. Lost your email, though. I'm on a new PC now. Couple of weeks back, my old one packed in on me. Manage to recover my videos off the hard drive but that was it.

    Sorry to be a pain. But I like the sound of them pouches.


  5. Mac E says:

    No problem Terry, I'll e-mail you. I've 2 pouches sitting here for you. They're called 'Stubbi' although the ones I have are branded for promotional give-away.


  6. terrybnd says:

    Thanks mate. You're a star. Just picked up your email.


  7. I agree with you Terry on the meals not many calories in these and therefore I have avoided them even though they are one of the tastiest on the market and you can get them in your local supermarket. Regarding the Podsacs, I guess you may be able to use the waste disposal systems in any campsite you pass. Perhaps you could give the owners a couple of pound to use their facilities to wash them out and dispose of the waste properly. Quite a good idea. I think in some parts of Scotland disposal bags are available FOC- I don't know how good these are.


  8. -maria- says:

    Here (Finland) we have dry toilets in many of the most popular hiking areas, especially in the southern part of the country. And elsewhere the trowel method is used – or at least should be used (not everybody is, which is disgusting). But I understand that there are areas in the world where human waste needs to be collected, and these poo bags actually might be quite good for the job. I'd use small plastic bags (like the ones used for collecting dog poo – there are biodegradable bags on the market as well) for each “dose” and then put these bags into the Podsac. That should make cleaning the Podsac easier, too. If they are machine washable, I don't see cleaning them to be a big problem – just turn inside out and let the machine do the dirty work.


  9. terrybnd says:

    @Mark – I think they're a good idea, too. More so as they seem very secure, too.

    @maria – Same issues and methods used here in the UK. Can be problematic in some places but by and large it's not a issue. And good thinking on the dog poo bags, I'm gonna try that. Should make things a bit more easier on the eye and stomach.


  10. terrybnd says:

    These 'special' bags are available from:
    Snow and Rock, TISO (Scotland) and Ultralightoutdoorgear.co.uk


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