A love affair with Chrome and Parkhouse Hill?

I was going to do a short trip report for this post about last weekends visit to the Peak District – but there’s not a great deal to say, really.

The plan was to set off with the wife early Friday morning but we ended up sticking around to watch the Royal Wedding – and I must admit, it was quite some spectacle. I’m not anti-monarchy but I was a little indifferent to the event but once the pomp and circumstance kicked off, well I couldn’t help but be enthralled.

I ended up watching the event via ABC News of America due to BBC One online being slow and stuttering due to heavy web traffic – and it proved to be quite enlightening seeing their point of view of Britain and it’s monarchy. Made me feel a bit proud if I’m honest – we certainly put on a good show.

The comedian Dara O’Briain commented on Twitter “Is this when they give medals to Luke, Han and Chewbacca?” A very funny observation on Kate Middletons walk up the aisle with a nod to the finale of one of the Star Wars films.

After that – we then zipped off in the car hoping to pitch at a little known and very picturesque campsite in the White Peak. However, despite the wonderful sunshine the winds were bloody awful and the tent we were using was contorting in all sorts of shapes once pitched in the field.

I wasn’t comfortable with it and so me and the wife decided to take the tent down and head elsewhere – which turned out to be a campsite packed with families. So, it was a bit noisy which made me a bit of a grumpy old man – wishing I was camped up some fell instead.

All said and done – the highlight of my weekends trip was visiting Chrome and Parkhouse Hill.

A place that I keep being drawn back to in the Peak District. I don’t really know how best to describe my feelings for this area. But it casts a spell over me every time I visit. It ticks so many boxes for me emotionally.

It’s got character, the scenes are ever changing and the contours of the land just grabs your attention. It’s rural, little visited and the locals are extremely friendly.

Consequently, I became aware of the various sights I’ve captured on video of these distinctive hills over the past few months and I’d like to share some screen grabs with you here on this blog.

In some small way, they show the charm of the area – and reflecting on past trips, I’m gutted I never made the effort to capture the place buried in snow last December! Could’ve been the icing on the cake for a video – but there you go. We live and learn…

Chrome Hill looms over a nearby farm

Sun sets over Earl Sterndale

The moon sinks over Chrome Hill and the distant western moors

Sunrise on Chrome and Parkhouse Hill

The view west from High Wheeldon

Looking over to Chrome Hill from Wolfscote Hill near Hartington

An inversion begins to form

Sunrise on Parkhouse Hill
Parkhouse Hill from Chrome Hill
Chrome Hill from Tor Rock

Sunset from High Wheeldon


4 Comments Add yours

  1. sbrt says:

    I am a fan too.

    Some photos and a write up of last years Chrome Hill Fell Race here;



  2. terrybnd says:

    Thanks mate. Didn't realise you had a blog – clicked follow 😉

    It is a cracking area, eh? Nice start and finish that fell race at Hollinsclough. Pretty little hamlet.


  3. James says:

    Its a great place, my favourite hills in the Peak by far. I too wanted to go in the snow, but just couldn't get for it was too deep!


  4. terrybnd says:

    Hi James – Yeah, I think this area is my favourite in the Peaks, too. Hence I keep going back – often without thinking about it.

    I could've filmed them buried under snow on one sunny day in December – but I was tired after a few days hiking and chose to go home instead thinking I'll go back the following week. Alas it never happened 😦


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