VIDEO – A Walk on the Wild Side


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  1. Brilliant! I see just as much if not more wildlife when I walk in the Peak than I do when I walk in the Lakes.


  2. sbrt says:

    If I was American I would have typed Awesome.

    You must have put so much time and effort into that one, to get such a good result.

    The Black Grouse and Mountain Hares made me think of Kinder.

    Well done Terry That's one to be proud of.


  3. terrybnd says:

    @Trekking Britain – Thanks, mate. Was a joy to film and edit.

    @sbrt – Thank you. I didn't spend that much time and effort in it, really. Videos like this come naturally to me. Thankfully, I was given a brief and let free rein – and that's when I'm at my happiest 🙂 It makes for a great tease to a project I'm working on (all will be revealed in August) 🙂


  4. Craig says:

    top marks mate, fantastic


  5. Dave Ascough says:

    Lovely – great work mate!


  6. terrybnd says:

    Thank you Dave


  7. Anonymous says:

    Beautifully shot Terry, I enjoyed watching that. No Black Grouse though (sbrt)…that's a Red Grouse. You might of lifted a stone Terry and found a lizard. Not a critisism, just a tip. Well done.
    I agree Trekking Britain, on the high tops of the fells all you get are Ravens, Meadow Pipits, Wheatears and Skylarks. Things of beauty without a doubt but it's much more interesting lower down in the wooded areas and around the farms, it's teeming with flora and fauna.


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