Gentle rambles in the sun

Inversion in Dovedale

As I sit here typing this short trip report I’m nursing some sunburns and noting a grey gloom outside through my study window – a far cry from the past few days spent in the Peak District shooting video.

I anticipated I’d get some half decent weather, but never expected clear blue skies and blazing sunshine with little wind for a cooling effect. Quite a contrast to previous weeks weather for sure.

I shall not waffle too much in this post – the pictures (screen grabs from video filmed) and ‘blogcam’ speak volumes to the sort of trip I experienced.

Highlights include the well dressing ceremonies in the beautiful Peakland village of Tissington and a temperature inversion in Dovedale – the latter thanks to a fox barking near my tent at 2am and thus unsettling my deep sleep which consequently meant I rose from my bed at 4am to notice the wonderful sight below my camp.

All in all it was a productive but very tiring trip – the heat was just energy sapping. On one long day I drank 4.5 litres of water in just 4 hours! And it proved quite tricky sourcing more up on the high and dry moors of the dark peak.

I’d also like to take the opportunity to thank those who approached me on this trip who obviously follow this blog and my videos on the Peak District National Park.

“Are you terrybnd?” It was a pleasure to meet you and very humbling.

I may not have reached the giddy heights of celebrity stardom (tongue firmly in cheek) – and have no liking to do so, either. But it does startle me when folk approach me when in the street or on the hills having some knowledge to who I am. It’s something I’ve never considered, really. And it happens more and more on trips out of late and always takes me by surprise! So, thank you to those folk for your kind words and complements….

Cotton grass on Kinder Scout

Well dressing in Tissington

Tissington Hall

Thorpe Cloud in Dovedale from Bunster Hill

Inversion, Dovedale

A distant Stanage Edge shrouded in cloud


7 Comments Add yours

  1. sbrt says:

    It will be stalkers and super injunctions next.

    Nice pics.


  2. Fantastic! You couldn't have dreamed of such a great adventure! Foxes, Well Dressing and a cloud inversion in Dove Dale! 🙂


  3. Dean Read says:

    Fantastic pictures from the movie. the Cotton Grass was everywhere on Brown Knoll & Lord's Seat today


  4. scribsblog says:

    What an awesome way to start the day Terry! Brilliant.


  5. terrybnd says:

    @sburt – LOL Watch this space, eh?!

    @Trekking Britain – Didn't feel like it at the time as I was knackered. But yeah – I'm looking back with a big grin, now

    @Dean Read – Thanks. As it happens I walked that way round to Kinder. And yes, there was a lot of cotton grass about.

    @scribsblog – Thanks. Still not used to these early sunrises. 4am and there's light in the sky!


  6. Jules says:

    Another great little adventure. Fine photos as well. It does seem that although it's “work” you still get the full enjoyment out of your trips.


  7. terrybnd says:

    Thanks Jules. Most of the time I get full enjoyment, yes. Sometimes I yearn to be back at home, especially in poor weather!


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