VIDEO – Well Dressing in the Peak District National Park


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  1. Eion says:

    Another great video. You should be on country file mate;)


  2. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic Terry, best vid for a while, for me.

    I know of wells that are revered that go back well beyond the “dark ages”.
    Rarely archaeological evidence can trace them back several thousand years, like the one i'll be camping by in Wiltshire in a couple of weeks.

    It'll be a sad time when the youth no longer take time to bless the wells, long may it continue, and your vids.



  3. terrybnd says:

    Thanks Geoff. Interesting about wells that go back further – any in the Peaks?


  4. PhilR says:

    Hi Terry, nice video. Not heard of this before so very interesting to see it and hear of it's origins.


  5. terrybnd says:

    Aye, cheers Phil. Was an eye opener for me, too. Very interesting and the well dressings were fascinating to look at


  6. Anonymous says:

    None left in the peaks i know of mate, those that aren't lined in later years disappear due to movement of the land, erosion and changing landscapes due to soil changes etc.
    It's much flatter where i'm heading, the land doesn't change much really, shame you can't join me, it would really be an experience for you, i have a spare seat. !



  7. terrybnd says:

    Working Twigs, mate. I'm flat out for the next 12 days 😦


  8. Anonymous says:

    I know mate, make hay whilst the sun shines.
    I must get you there one day though, it'll blow your mind, totally.
    I'll be heading back down there maybe August/September time, bring Sue, neither of you will be disappointed, i promise.



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