Three bloggers in the Howgill Fells

Terra Nova Voyager 2.2, Wild Boar Fell, Yorkshire Dales
Camp on Wild Boar Fell with a distant Eden Valley below

Just a quick post this one – a consequence of me being buried with work this month. I will be spending more nights in a tent than my own bed at home!

This weekend I hooked up with outdoor bloggers Martin from Summit and Valley and James from Backpackingbongos – two thoroughly decent blokes – for a 2 night wild camp in the Howgill Fells.

Both chaps have many years of backpacking on me – often calling me a ‘young ‘un’ and other such names – and hearing their stories of hiking and the like was absolutely fascinating and inspiring. So much so, that this year I’m going to apply for a place on the TGO Challenge as a consequence. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a few years but never really came round to entering – they’ve managed to change my mind and go for it.

At times I did feel like the ‘new kid on the block’ when we talked about favourite hikes and memorable trips – it was almost like I’m some young pretender nudging about at the knees of gods – and in many respects, I was. Often Martin and James would talk about gear in the 1980’s – a time when I was just a small boy!

Nevertheless, we got on really well, had a laugh, shared stories – all the while enjoying some fine weather and scenery in this often overlooked part of Northern England. It was a great weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed it. More so as for the first time in a long time, I didn’t have to lug my video camera equipment around with me – this short trip was a bit of fun – a break if you like.

It was nice to learn that Martin and James are pretty much how you imagine they’d be in person (if you follow their blogs regularly, of course) – I’m not too sure whether I lived up to any impressions they may have made of me, mind. Though I did crack open a can of beer to admire the views at our first camp on Friday before pitching my tent.

It was nice to take a peek at each others gear, too – though in all honesty what surprised me most was how similar our choice of gear was and the reasons why.

But it’s back to work for me tomorrow. A trip to the Chiltern Hills beckons ‘darn sarf’ followed by several days filming in the Peak District, hence this short trip report from myself. Apologies if you expected more, but I’m just so busy at the moment.

Keep an eye on Martin and James’ blogs for a trip report of the weekend – no doubt it will make a good read and they will fill you in on all the details – which may include who struggles to breathe during the night or like to rip Yellow Pages in half like Geoff Capes in quick succession during the night.

And if you too fancy meeting up – don’t forget about the social meet I’m organising in the Peak District this August. There aren’t many places left now, so do let me know if you wish to come along.

So, thank you Martin and James – you were great company and I hope to see you both again soon.

In the meantime, here are some photos I took from this little soiree into the quiet hills and dales of eastern Cumbria….

Wild camp, Wild Boar Fell
James (left) talks to Martin at our camp on Wild Boar Fell

Wild camping, Wild Boar Fell
All three shelters in one view with a distant Lake District on the horizon

James and Martin enjoy a view of the Howgill Fells and Lake District

Sand Tarn, Wild Boar Fell
Sunset over Sand Tarn on Wild Boar Fell

Wild camping, Yorkshire Dales National Park
View out the rear door of the Terra Nova Voyager 2.2 I’m testing

Wild camp, Sand Tarn, Wild Boar Fell
Sand Tarn with the Eden Valley below

Sand Tarn on Wild Boar Fell
It aint called Sand Tarn for nothing!

The Nab, Wild Boar Fell
Martin on The Nab, Wild Boar Fell

Distinctive cairns on Wild Boar Fells summit

March through cotton grass on Baugh Fell

Beautiful waterfall by Holmes Moss near Baugh Fell
Taking in the views on Yarlside in the Howgills

Other than sheep and the odd fell pony you will pretty much have the Howgills to yourself

The views are breathtaking – fell after fell after fell….

Terra Nova Voyager 2.2 wild camping
My camp below Yarlside in the Howgills at sunrise

16 Comments Add yours

  1. Yep I missed a good camp as usual but think yourself lucky I didn't come cause you know it would have rained heavy and them winds would have been gale force lol


  2. terrybnd says:

    @Paul – PMSL You're probably right! Friday night was bloody cold though. More late autumn than summer. Saturday night wasn't too bad, though. We didn't get hardly any rain either – though winds picked up at times. Otherwise it was good. Shame you couldn't make it mate.


  3. Terry it was a pleasure to meet up with you for a couple of days. A cracking weekend it was, really enjoyed backpacking with excellent company amongst some stunning scenery. Some damn fine photos (I would not expect anything less!). Another trip will have to be done before the summer is out. Have a good week lugging that camera equipment around, much better than sitting in an office I say.


  4. terrybnd says:

    @James – Thanks mate. Ditto. Fortunately, the weather is not too good tomorrow, a client has had to alter a shoot – so, I'm at home for the next 2 days for rest 😉 Phew! LOL


  5. Andy says:

    Hi Terry
    Great photos. I'm pretty sure I walked up past the tarn you camped at when I was University in the 80s. Really brought that day back to me. It was what we used to call a mystery hike when the club I was in organised a day hike but didn't tell us where we were going. I've been a fan of that area ever since.
    Looks like you had some decent weather. Hope today was ok. It was bloody awful down here in Herefordshire. Been stuck in the house all day so I enjoyed the post


  6. terrybnd says:

    @Andy – Thanks. Yeah, the whole area is a favourite of mine, too. Not much ground I've not covered (though you won't see it on this blog).

    Weather was better than I anticipated. We woke and left the Howgills today under blue skies and sunshine, mate. I'm at home now and it's not stopped raining since returning! 😦

    However, that's good – better rain at home than out on the hills


  7. Moonlight Shadow says:

    Oh, I love Wildboar Fell me…and some nice tents/tarps pitched there, as it happens the two models I'm most interested to updgrade proper!


  8. terrybnd says:

    @Moonlightshadow – Was as good a camp when we last went little over a year ago, mate.

    All three shelters were something to behold 😉

    Martins TrailStar is a great shelter but has a large footprint. He has his quibbles with it but on the whole loves it.

    James' Scarp 1 – great shelter but he has his gripes, too but still loves it.

    Me with the Voyager 2.2? Well we'll wait and see. It is a very good 2 person shelter for 4 season use make no doubt.

    Other than that – we all pretty much had the same kit! LOL Meths stoves included. And even Rab gear!

    We met one chap who commented “This a Rab sponsored event?” or something along those lines. Very funny – but it was all purely coincidental. We all had Rab waterproofs, tops etc LOL


  9. Martin Rye says:

    Your artistic flair shines in those photos Terry. Love them. On RAB kit the count is: Drum roll first…….My total was six bits of RAB kit. James I think had four and you can add the rest. Not bad. Kit was all good and the weather was great but cold at times.


  10. great shots of the wildlife here Terry!


  11. Great pictures Terry. Good to know you chaps had a fun time.

    I'm a fan of Rab gear too. That place of theirs up in Alfreton is a good source of gear.


  12. terrybnd says:

    @David Lintern – Thanks 🙂

    @Charlie Penny – Thanks. It was pure coincidence on the Rab gear. Mark of the brands products nowadays. Our mentality and attitude to all outdoors was very similar if not exactly the same. Just sharing the joy and making it accessible to all.

    Granted, some choice of kit would be different – but that's down to the individual and their comforts.

    I have to say, despite it's large footprint, I was mightily impressed with Martins Trail Star tarp. Best one I've seen in the flesh. Strong and stable and roomy. Looking at getting one myself for those nice nights out but a little smaller.


  13. Great write up terry, really enjoyed reading that
    just itching to get back on dry land and get packing my rucksack !!


  14. terrybnd says:

    Thanks Chris. Hope you have a good hike when you get back


  15. nice little write up and great pictures. Looks like this meet up will be repeated as you look like you had a great time
    nice one 🙂


  16. terrybnd says:

    @backpackerbrewer – Thanks. We had a cracking time – we'll be meeting up again very soon in fact for something special. All of which will be revealed next week 🙂


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