I’m moving the goalposts

Another video for you – this one giving you a glimpse of what I was up to over the weekend in the Peak District National Park.

I have some more filming to do on Friday and Saturday and then this video concerning the Peak Parks trails will be ready for a final edit. It’s one where I’ve ‘upped the ante’ a little – bit more style and meat to it, without losing my landscape work. So far, I’m confident I can pull the mix off – but we’ll see, eh?


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  1. A high standard as always. I like the contrast in styles between the first and second half of the video.


  2. terrybnd says:

    Thanks Mark. All footage filmed I'm really happy with so far. Just a couple more bits to do over the next few days and it's ready for editing.


  3. Great as ever Terry. Very well done.

    My only critique, is that I don't feel the final piece of music fits with the rest of the film. A piece that is slightly less 'dancey', that also sits with the sped up clip of the trail would work better in my eyes.

    Feel free to ignore me of course, I don't know what your brief is on this video, and I also lack your skill in editing and all things film.


  4. Willowisp says:

    Really nice work mate every video of yours I have seen oozes quality


  5. David L says:

    I like the more documentary style Terry, yr interview with the artist chap a few months ago was cool too – finding the interest and interesting ppl out there is a good brief. That plus the eye candy you do so well is a great combo. Me, I'm less keen on the trancey bizzness at the end too, but I can see what yr after there. Are you HD yet? All the best for the weekend


  6. Rob says:

    I really like the style of the second part of the video Terry. Did you film that from a bike?


  7. terrybnd says:

    @Charlie Penny – I can see what you mean. No offence taken. Feedback is ALWAYS good. However, it's something I'm mindful of and all is considered and measured for the final video πŸ™‚

    @Willowisp – Thank you! You're too too kind

    @David L – I'm of the same thinking. I often think folk woudl find the 'documentary' stuff too boring. It's whatever floats your boat, really. With this video I'm aiming to strike a balance.

    @Rob – It would appear that the 'second part' in this teaser splits opinion slightly, mate! LOL

    So far, I'm just going to stick with what I had envisioned. The reactions so far on here and elsewhere have only confirmed what I suspected (just from this teaser).

    This short video in itself can be misleading to a degree. It is more documentary than 'trancey' – the 'fun' stuff is more at the end of the video, really. Hence the race through the tunnels.

    We'll see…..I may change my mind of course once I begin editing proper! LOL


  8. Moonlight Shadow says:

    Woah! Love the ending, rave on Terry! πŸ˜‰


  9. Jules says:

    Excellent stuff, once again! I liked the idea of the two halves of the video and the documentary-style when used.


  10. terrybnd says:

    @Moonlight Shadow – Cheers mate LOL

    @Jules – Thanks Jules. The video will be more orthodox to begin with. The race along the trail stuff was something I've intended to finish the video off on a high, so to speak. We'll see. Might change…


  11. Anonymous says:

    You certainly have 'upped the ante' with this one, Terry. It's spot on as far as I'm concerned!
    From a beautiful calm opening sequence of the waterfalls and sunrise, then on with a brief and to the point documentary about the Monsal trail,
    and finally that dramatic up tempo closing sequence of the ride through the tunnel -excellent!
    I really liked the clever inclusion of the steam train sound as the imaginary train increases it's speed through the tunnel and the whistle right at the end.
    That is due recognition of why these tunnels are there in the first place.

    A superb piece of quality work throughout, and if I may offer some advice – stick with your gut feelings, Terry, you've got what it takes.

    Best and Good Luck


  12. bsdowling says:

    Nice work mate. Cool video.


  13. HillMadMan says:

    Great video as always Terry. Wish I was up to your standards. Way off though. Admire you carrying all the video equipment and wild camping at the same time.


  14. terrybnd says:

    @Steve (Hilly) – Thanks mate. You're really too kind. Well, I'm back from more filming of the Peak Trails and I'll stick with my gut instincts as you say. Should make a great video, I reckon! πŸ™‚

    @bsdowling – Thanks!

    @HillMadMan – Thanks. Yeah, it can be a pain lugging about filming gear, for sure. Especially when I have to pack the ole microphone, wires, batteries too.

    My base weight for these trips really is very low. Only a few kilos. Average 3-5kgs exc food and water. Tripod weighs a kilo, camera nearly a kilo…..the video gear piles it all on! LOL


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