‘VIDEO – Monsal Trail and Peak District Trails’. The goal posts have been moved but did I score?

I have to admit – I’m feeling a little burnt out at the moment. I could go into a long post explaining why, alas a picture can say a thousand words so they say. And here you can watch a video instead which should give you an idea of how busy I’ve been of late.

Not to mention a meeting with Terra Nova Equipment last week to have a gander at their 2012 range of products. On that front I’m sworn to secrecy (though I did leak a couple of juicy bits of info on Twitter!) and will reveal all on the 13th June.

Terra Nova kindly let me bring along some new found friends in outdoor bloggers Martin and James – no doubt they’ll bring their perspective to the day and likely in more detail than me. I’m buried with work over the coming weeks and so my blogposts will tend to be very brief, I’m afraid. I did shoot some video of a couple of very interesting products at the Terra Nova product launch, mind.

Granted, some of the gear isn’t cheap by any means – but you get what you pay for with these guys, for sure. Their enthusiasm, passion, dedication and attention to deal is quite overwhelming for such a company – it makes you proud to be British! All said and done, they’ve come up with some fantastic new products to cover all budgets and their reputation for being ‘innovative’ has certainly been upped to another level or two.

A few companies will be rattled with what Terra Nova have in the pipeline and are due to release, make no doubt about that. No bias – it’s the truth and was a very pleasant surprise to say the least.

Anyway, this video concerns the newly refurbished (and re-opened railway tunnels) of the Monsal Trail along with it’s counterparts Tissington and High Peak.

The Monsal and High Peak are my favourites – the former is simply breathtaking in places and my video doesn’t do the scenes to behold any justice at all.

It’s been an absolute joy to produce this video for Let’s Stay Peak District – we have more ambitious projects in the pipeline one of which I’ve been filming for the past 9 months! A project that’s very close to my heart and has involved a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

I’d like to thank Dave Mycroft from MyOutdoorsUK for his invaluable input with the video. A thoroughly nice chap who will be coming to the social meet I’ve organised at the end of August.

Thanks must also go to Duncan and Rebecca at Hassop Station on the Monsal Trail – for kindly donating me a fab bike to cycle the route last week. It helped me capture the ‘hyperspeed’ shots through the tunnels.

And finally, I’d like to thank all the lovely people I’ve met in the Peaks featured (and others sadly omitted) in this video – they make it more than anything. I must have a friendly face because not one person declined to feature in front of my video camera – was insightful to hear so many different perspectives (though these aren’t included in this project).

Right, I’m off for a kip then I’ll be editing some more videos….


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  1. The end there Terry was like 'Wipeout' an old game I had on the Playstation 1 many years ago. Did not realise you could cycle so fast. Friendly face? I will have to go and have a peek at the opened tunnels.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful landscape photography, coherent narrative and overall smooth flow throughout the whole film.
    The instantly recognizable Terrybnd music score adds the final touch.

    Score you did, Terry.
    10/10 from me, and well earned too.

    Steve (Hilly)


  3. enjoyed the final video mate some nice effects and looking forward to meeting up in August


  4. terrybnd says:

    @James Boulter – LMAO Oh aye, I can cycle fast me, mate. There was a pub with a free pint at the end of all those trails 😉 Monsal tunnels are well worth a visit. Can get busy at weekends, though.

    @Steve – Thanks 🙂 You my number one fan? Could do with more like you LOL 😉 It was hard work at times this video. But worth it in the end, for sure. Really enjoyed filming this one


  5. terrybnd says:

    @Paul – Cheers mate. Going to have you act as a steward at times for that meet, by the way. Trust you, thats all – trust you to drink lots of ale (hence you're being a steward! LMAO!) 😉


  6. Moonlight Shadow says:

    Great work Terry, as Steve says, the whole movie feels very well edited and the end sequence is a nice touch. Shame you dropped the trance music


  7. lol maybe stewed out my box lol I cant organise anyone I just tell them to get to pub and buy me a Dram. lol


  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Terry
    Regarding your film and the comments I made earlier.
    It's just that I do a bit of landscape stills photography and my son does hd film work – ads, mini films, etc. I help him with that now and again so I hope I have a bit of grounding in understanding what it takes to do the job. Well aware of the emotions, timescales, effort, blood, sweat, tears, expense and everything else that goes into the mix to produce these things.

    You do a cracking job at very high standards, therefore I feel that a written compliment and acknowledgement of your efforts are in the very least a due return.

    Your number one fan – LOL! – Well that's a compliment and there's a lot of us fans out there, but,,,,,, s'pose so 🙂

    Steve (Hilly)


  9. terrybnd says:

    @Moonlightshadow – Thanks, mate. Well, I'll try and do a video again in the future with some trance music for you 😉

    @Paul – LOL Sounds about right that!

    @Steve – Thank you, mate. I'm truly humbled. You're very kind. My passion always has been and will be endeavouring to capture the best scenes I see out on camps in the hills (or dales nowadays). If any image inspires someone new to place on foot in front of the other and venture out into the British landscape – then I'm a happy man.

    Thanks again, pleased you liked it. Working on a 'nice' one concerning Peak District rivers at the moment. May have that finished editing by tomorrow evening


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