Sunburnt, midge bitten, and generally disheveled

A breathtaking sunrise from a bivouac

Sheesh! Am I tired after a very productive 4 days filming in the Peak District National Park. I couldn’t have wished for better weather, to be honest.

I got inversions, beautiful sunsets, wildlife coming up close and personal and more importantly ordinary people who were happy to be on video.

Words really can’t describe how I felt over each and every one of the four days I was in the Peaks. Quite simply it was a humble joy – and at times it felt like heaven on earth.

So, now I’m back home – sunburnt, covered in insect bites, unshaven and stink so much a skunk would blush.

Yep, the wifes dream man returned from his nights out under the stars and came back someone else all together!

Well, I’d love to tell you how lying on the moor gazing at some cirrus clouds above I suspected a nice warm front was heading my way on Friday night. And I’d love to talk about how I stood on the same spot in some woods for 2 hours not filming much when just as I was packing up a buzzard came close by to keep me company.

And to share with you the number of times I visited a number of local licensed establishments – all in the need to charge some camera batteries I have to add!

Or how friendly all the climbers were I filmed on Stanage Edge on Saturday – coming from all corners of the UK and world.

It was a trip that I suspect will linger long in the memory (and in my skin unfortunately). An absolute cracker. Do follow me on Twitter, too – I often tweet where I am, what I’m seeing and consequently send pictures via my mobile phone. You can not only read about what I get up to but see the results (eventually) upon my return.

However, I’ll leave you with a series of pictures taken from the trip – some from a standard digital camera and the others (with black bars) from video. These visually do more justice to my recent trip than any amount of words ever could – besides, I’m bloody knackered and need a rest.

But before I go – I’d just like to say thank you very much to the climbers I filmed on Saturday on Stanage Edge. You were all great fun to talk to and film – keep an eye on this blog because I suspect the video will be finished sooner rather than later….

Bivouac in some woods (can’t say where as it’s sensitive). Was a lovely place to explore

What a start to the day!

“What you looking at?!”

“Ah well, best behave – this weirdo’s filming me.”

The dales of the Peak Park looking splendid

Win Hill sunset

Bivouac on Win Hill

A tricky climb on Stanage Edge

Climber Kerry didn’t find my filming distracting at all

Negotiating a overhang

Sunrise over Higger Tor

Inversion at dawn on Saturday

End of  a days climb

Sunsets over High Neb

20 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow as usual. Loving the Buzzard shots!


  2. Zed says:

    Fabulous photos. The buzzard must have felt you smelt like a part of nature.


  3. Generally disheveled or disheveled generally? Looks like you had a cracking few days mate, look forward to the video.


  4. owdbum says:

    as Buzzards are usually carrion feeders…you must've smelled like summat dead. lol! great pics!


  5. terrybnd says:

    @Trekking Britain – Yeah, quite chuffed with the buzzard footage I got, mate. Will come in useful in a future video

    @Zed – The buzzard made nice company. Noisy bugger though! LOL

    @James Boulter – LOL Cheeky get! Yeah, was a real good trip, mate. 10/10

    @owdbum – LMAO! 😉


  6. Dean Read says:

    Excellent post as always sir. look forward to the movie.


  7. bsdowling says:

    Great pics.

    Nice shot of the buzzard, looks like he's shouting at you.


  8. terrybnd says:

    @Dean Read – Thank you. Not that I wrote much. Just too tired from 4am starts and 10pm finishes over the past few days LOL

    @bsdowling – Thanks. Yeah, the buzzard was looking right down at me screaming, mate. Was brilliant 🙂


  9. Alistair says:

    those are just superb pics, made my morning! What do you think about the ridge raider bivi?


  10. terrybnd says:

    @Alistair – Thank you! Many of the shots above are in a video I'm editing now concerning rock climbing in the Peak District. So, watch this space 😉

    The bivvy? I really like it. I'd prefer a side entry as it makes things easier. But space is good, bathtub groundsheet is great for those of us who like 6cm airbeds (though it could do with a bit more height for winter use, ie extra lofting down bags), and the event fabric has worked a treat.


  11. Mate you got some really sweet pictures very jealous nice 1 mate keep up the good work


  12. Adam says:



  13. Bloody fantastic. I bet that trip was worth every minute. Some of those stills are amazing, I cannot wait for the final film.


  14. terrybnd says:

    @Charlie Penny – Thanks 🙂 Just completed the first video about rock climbing in the Peak District. It's only an ad to entice – nothing in depth. Looks great and another winner in my humble opinion LOL 😉


  15. Martin Rye says:

    Sweet images and Win Hill is a big favourite of mine. So always good to see photos of it. Great stuff Terry and keep at it. The Peaks can be malingered at times by some who have not sought its charm out. Videos like yours are telling folks how good it is.


  16. terrybnd says:

    @Paul – Thanks buddy. Was a bloody good trip. Enjoyed every minute. Last couple of days were a stormer. Enjoyed laying on the grass taking in the sun to the sound of curlews. Bliss.

    @Martin – Thank you. You're very kind, mate. I'm only showing what I see – and there's indeed lots of it in the Peaks. Feel very lucky it's my 'office' for the time being 🙂


  17. Terry,some fine photos with a good variety. How one suffers for one's art 🙂


  18. terrybnd says:

    @markswalkingblog – Lol Thanks. Mate, I was suffering at time, I can tell you. All ready to pack it in and go home! But I didn't of course and pleased I stayed.


  19. Jules says:

    Great post yet again. Loved the pictures especially the one of “End of a days climb” – very atmospheric.

    I'm looking forward to the video when ready!


  20. terrybnd says:

    @Jules – Thanks. That shot you like is in the video. Finished it on Monday morning (quick eh?). It's already online if you know where to look 😉 My hands are ties on showing it per se at the moment 😦


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