VIDEO – Rock Climbing in the Peak District

Well, the other weekend (trip report here) one mission was to try and capture a gentle essence of rock climbing in the Peak District – and here’s the end result.

It’s not some gung ho offering that you tend to find visually on this subject – instead it’s an interpretation of what I experienced first hand. I spoke with many climbers on Stanage Edge (and elsewhere) and the overall mood was very much ‘chilled out’. Needless to say some folk were tackling some very difficult climbs – but most were just glad to be out there in fine weather getting hand and limb on gritstone.

It’s been some years since I’ve climbed or abseiled – and I’ll have to admit the atmosphere was infectious and it brought back an inner hunger in me to scale the crags once more. It has to be said that every single person I approached was extremely friendly and sociable – and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those who I met and filmed. It made for a wonderful afternoon in the sun and all were a credit to their hobby/sport. Wonderful!


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