Walk, film, camp. Then more walking, filming and camping….

Terra Nova Solar Competition 2 on Wolfscote Hill

I’m absolutely shattered from my latest trip out into the Peak District – thanks in part to a recent heatwave never mind the mileage covered. I can hardly keep my eyes open as I type.

View to Monsal Head

Anyway, it was a very productive visit for me and I’m really pleased I persevered on days where I felt like packing up and going home. Windless evenings didn’t help matters either – the insect kingdom were out in force and desperately seeking blood. Consequently, I’m covered in bites which are still itching now.

It was also the first time I’ve taken the new Terra Nova Solar Competition 2 tent out for a spin.

A 2 person tent which weighs around 1.2 kg’s and has 2/4 season capability – we’ll see on the latter over the coming weeks and months – but so far, it’s proved to be an impressive tent. I’m no fan of front facing porch shelters but I soon got used to it.

I was thankful for the all mesh door and decent venting options, too – a particularly clever one can be found at the rear. But more on such details in due course – definitely a shelter to consider I’d say.

Other than that, there’s not much to tell really – I walked, camped and filmed. All day, every day for 6 days. All food required was packed and lugged about – I just didn’t want the hassle of heading for urban areas for supplies preferring to stick it out in the hills and dales of the White Peak. I also paid the Bakewell Show a visit – one of the best agricultural events I’ve ever been to. Loved every minute and ended up staying there longer than I had planned.

However, I have to switch my mind and focus to the here and now – I’m working on a few exciting video projects (including a mini-documentary concerning Kinder Mountain Rescue and a walking video) all of which will be revealed in the next few weeks.

So, it’s back to the maps for me as I plan for another 6 day trip in the Peak Park – this time heading for the more remote high moors to the north….


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  1. Good to see you using that tracking device or what ever it is called. It sure gives a different feel, effect, and/or view than panning on top of the tri-pod. Nice addition to your bag of tricks Terry.
    Evidently the bug bites weren't bad enough to keep you away from doing the whole thing over again. Or maybe it is because, you are expecting the weather to be better the next time out mate. LOL

    Will you be using the same tent this time out?

    Happy trails.


  2. terrybnd says:

    @Barefoot Child – Thanks mate. The windless and very warm humid weather made it very hard going at times (never mind the bugs at camp in the evenings). Things are looking more unsettled and cooler for the next week – so, I'll be out and about again 🙂 Just hope the cloud stays high and breaks a little


  3. Chris Sumner says:

    Another great little read and a fantastic video to go with it, Do you use your HV20 for your stills ?? if so..very impressive


  4. terrybnd says:

    @Chris Sumner – Thanks. I take stills with a pocket camera, mate. Stills from the camera (be it screen grabs etc) just don't cut it.


  5. Terry, look forward to the seeing the Mountain Rescue Video – if you are able to post up. I went to the Bakewell Show when I was a teenager with my family. The place was flattened by a mini tornado believe or not!! We had left by then and got to our campsite just in time to stop our tents being ripped in shreds. You are right it is a great little show.


  6. terrybnd says:

    @markswalkingblog – Bloody hell! Tornado! LOL Memorable to say the least. I was sweltering walking round this years show. Was really good. The MRT video will go on here, mate. No worries there. Looking forward to filming it 🙂


  7. Anonymous says:

    Nice mate.


  8. GeoffC says:

    Another grand White Peak view from Wolfscote Hill there, one we've not visited before.
    I come up in itchy lumps too from bites, I take a styptic pencil now to help alleviate it a bit.


  9. terrybnd says:

    Hi Geoff, it's a cracking hill with a Roman Fort nearby on access land that's worth a visit, too. The summit trig sits atop a barrow and gives a fantastic vantage point of the Peak Park.

    You'll be surprised at how extensive the views are for such a small hill. Steep climb up mind but worth it 🙂


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