UPDATE – Monsal Head Social Meet (Fri 26th to Sunday 28th August)

Been a bit late coming this reminder/post – but here goes…

All is on schedule and remember this is an informal event – there are no strict rules as to the itinerary. Turn up at whichever time suits, pay upon arrival for your 2 night stay (there’s a sign informing you where) and head onto the field to park and pitch your tent.

There are toilets, shower and cleaning facilities available – something I may have forgotten to mention in my original post HERE.

The site is tucked away from the nearby road and is only a 5 minute walk to the Stables Bar by Monsal Head. The pub itself is quite small, but there is a large beer garden with shelter too. The hotel adjacent to this licensed establishment has a bar if things get too busy – but this is more of a restaurant.

Both serve decent pub grub if you should so require to fill your belly.

We’ll have some interesting gear on show for those who are keen on getting into backpacking and the like – some of which is new to the current market. Some of you sociable outdoors bloggers will be lugging some kit along for those who are curious to see such things in the flesh – but more importantly we’ll all be mingling and talking about all things outdoors and hiking with a home on your back.

Of course, there’ll be some friendly faces from a couple of gear companies/retailers to approach and have a chat with – such introductions will be informal and part of the general sociable atmosphere.

Bring a couple of quid spare change with you – as we’ll be holding a raffle to raise money for Kinder MRT (the winner announced on Saturday evening) – thanks to Rab for donating a prize.

I suppose in a roundabout way this whole set up much reflects my character – easy going, relaxed, sociable with no rigid plan. So, apologies if you prefer something more regimental.
Either way, folk will be free to mingle and plan their own walks and activities for the weekend. Obviously, a group walk or two is on the cards – but that’s up to you if you wish to be involved.
Needless to say, bring a map and if you’d like some pointers on places of interest, recommended walks – feel free to ask around.
There’s one in particular I think some of you would like to give a go – which involves a nature reserve, fine views of the Peak District and a little known climbers traverse a couple of hundred feet above the valley bottom. This one I’ll explain to folk at the meet – and would suggest if you choose to give it a go, have a head for heights, good gripping footwear and go only as a small group.

There’s the nearby ancient hill fort of Fin Cop which sits above the enchanting Hobs House landslide in Monsal Dale – both places worth a visit offering lovely scenery, history and geology. There’s some amazing fossils to be found at Hobs House, for example and a couple of caves too.

Longstone Edge and it’s adjacent moors offer good walking with sublime White Peak scenes to devour and my favourite Wardlow Haycop is not too far away either. This hill providing you with no crowds, beautiful flowers and a great view of Cressbrook Dale below and Peters Stone.

And obviously there is the fantastic Monsal Trail to cycle or plod along too. The trail is a good one – one of the best in fact in my opinion. But if you don’t fancy the crowds on the track, there are high level routes above the dale where you’ll likely only encounter a few discerning walkers from time to time.

On that note, I’m signing off – tomorrow I’ll be placing one foot in front of another with camera over shoulder and pack on my back in the Peak District for a few days.
Any other questions or queries – drop me a line here or via email and so on. If you’re unable to make the meet, PLEASE do let me know as I have a list of folk who’d like to attend but I’m limited to numbers on the campsite.
Thanks and see you all soon!

13 Comments Add yours

  1. oooh tough one on which walk to do, i think as its my first time in the peak district, the Monsal trail is one of the must doo's i think

    but then again I'm the same as you mate, I'm easy, as long as the weather is ok…i will go anywhere


  2. terrybnd says:

    There's plenty to do Chris. Most folk don't realise it cause they see no further than the nearest hill etc.

    My suggestions are only that – but they take in one's right to roam and often don't have paths. Perhaps tracks now and then but nowt else.

    Wardlow Haycop is worth it if the weather and visibility is good for sure. Do that with Longstone Moor to get two contrasting views.

    There's lots of options mate


  3. errm is there any chance you could draw me a map Terry of the pubs in the surrounding area? in fact just show me the closest boozer I shall want to mingle in the bar what time on Saturday does it open?


  4. Alex (atkypne) says:

    All sounds good to me, I like the sound of the walk with the climbers traverse. I'm easy too, I'll just go with the flow.

    See you all there.


  5. terrybnd says:

    @Alex – Yeah, it's a good walk. Good variety and of course a little bit of fun. I may do it myself and take a few folk along. Will depend on weather really. If it's been wet – the climbers traverse will be lethal as there's a lot of limestone to cover and it's exposed in a couple of places where you really don't want to fall.

    Be good to meet you Alex 🙂


  6. terrybnd says:

    @Paul – I'll let you know where the local boozers are mate on the Friday


  7. Fleegle says:

    Looking forward to the weekend.


  8. Looking forward to it mate. I'm assuming that it is still ok to bring Reuben along?


  9. terrybnd says:

    @Fleegle – Yes mate. Me too. Looks like we'll have Alpkit in attendance, too 🙂

    @James – Sorry for late reply mate. Was out on my travels again. Yes, Reuben is fine to come along. Double-checked for you mate and all is well.


  10. Look forward to seeing all your ugly mugs in the flesh 🙂 I'll be bringing a fair few Nemo tents And Western Mountaineering bags along for the Saturday for those who want to take a look


  11. Really looking forward to it and to meeting you all. Leaving dog at home (she doesn't play nice) so will be glad to fuss over Ruben instead!


  12. terrybnd says:

    @Gareth (webtogs) – Nice one mate. Will look forward to that

    @Daylightgambler – Same here mate. I figured I'd enjoy a wee break away from the video camera on this trip, alas I have to bring ti along now and squeeze in a few hours work. Even so, I'm looking forward to meeting and talking with everyone 🙂


  13. Gary D says:

    Wished I could have made this one, but didn't know if I'd be free until too late. Hope you all have a great weekend.

    Think now I'll go exploring for sloes instead for later in the year 🙂


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