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Well, here we go! My next big step in my fledgling video making career. Peak District TV.

An online based channel featuring all that’s best about Britains most popular national park. It’s been quite some journey getting here, I have to admit and it’s a project I’ve had in mind for quite some time.

Little under or over 3 years ago, I purchased my first ‘decent’ video camera with the intention of taking it out on the hills and filming what I saw from my wild camps – if anything to share the experience with others online. Initially they focused on the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales namely because at that time is where I did most of my ramblings.

I’ve always had an interest in film and video and needless to say the great outdoors, too. So, in a funny turn of events two passions collided and led me on a journey to where I am today.

An over the phone interview I did with journalist yesterday talking about my new venture was nice – but it feels weird reading this short piece she’s produced about me, coming from a stranger and all that (see HERE).

However, it’s been a tough learning curve though. Learning the skills required to engage the viewer, how to achieve results I had in my minds eye and consequently putting it all together on a PC. Back then it was a hobby I enjoyed sharing with others and the likes of YouTube has made it so easy to do that.

As time went by and I further developed my skills and techniques, I was surprised to learn of the following I made in the online world concerning my amateur video efforts. It’s all been truly humbling. Even to this very day, I fail to see what it is people do or don’t enjoy about my work.

I quite simply film or produce a video how I’d personally like to see it. Looking over my video efforts from the past few years, not only do I cringe at some but am really quite proud of others too. If I try to be as objective as possible – which is really hard with something that feels so personal – I can see how much has changed technically in my work but at the same time observe how some aspects of my ‘style’ hasn’t altered in any way at all.

To a large degree, it feels like I’m compiling a visual diary of my life in the hills.

A big turning point for me came when I produced a short video of the Peak District National Park. They were simply scenes I captured one summer spliced together to create a montage of the places I visited. This along with winning a couple of competitions (including the Trail Mountain Movie Comp) and some work being showcased at festivals in an amateur capacity really built my confidence.

I felt I reached a point where I could really achieve some of the modest results I strived for. And so from there I set about ‘moonlighting’ producing videos for clients. That along with my redundancy just before Christmas last year has all but lead me to where I am now.

So much has happened in such a short space of time – and though I know myself and my work will never be to everyones cup of tea – I still strive to capture the very best of the what can be seen and enjoyed of the British landscape. And admittedly, I use the word ‘British’ loosely. I’m perfectly well aware that the majority of my work is in the Peak Park.

It’s not that I haven’t been offered work elsewhere – it’s just starting out on my own, ensuring I bring in work and pay the mortgage and what have you – I’ve just not had the time or funds to head elsewhere.

And if I’m honest – good.

I’ve seen more of the Peak Park than most, make no doubt about that. And I’m still venturing into new unchartered territory even to this day. But the journey has really opened my eyes to the beauty of this unique landscape in the heart of England. There’s a snobbery in some quarters to the Peak Park – no doubt.

And I used to be just the same. Alas, no more. I’ve seen the light shall we say.

My love for the outdoors and beauty of the landscape is even more stronger than before. You don’t have to dig deep in the Peak Park to enjoy it’s wonders or find a sense of isolation. And the same can be said for much of the UK if we’re all honest.

Most of Northern England is a gem in it’s own right – never mind the Yorkshire Dales, Howgills, Lake District, Cheviot et al. There’s so much in between where most folk don’t bother to go – always seeking the bright lights the printed media shower with glowing praise. The Forest of Bowland and much of the Pennines are lands ready to savour.

The same can be said for much of Wales!

Even so, I’m waffling now – and the point of this post is to share with you some videos of which there will be lots and lots more to come.

So, please don’t think of this blog as some form of self-promotion – far from it. It’s just my way of sharing with you parts of my journey through life, where it’s taken me and how it all ties into a passion I’ve no doubt many of you share – with the great outdoors.

I’ve had this idea buzzing in my head for a good few months. I’d like to see some kind of web based channel featuring ‘outdoorsey’ videos aimed at veterans as well as newbies. I think it plays to my strengths. Whether it works and takes off? Who knows? I hope it will!

Peak District TV in partnership with Peak District Online (the Peak Parks most visited website – in unique visitors as well as views) is a showcase for what’s great about this national park. So far, I’ve managed to attract some fantastic support from a number of bodies and companies. So, not only will I be producing walking videos, landscape features, activities and accommodation guides – but also gear reviews, too. So, watch this space!


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Atkypne says:

    Very inspiring, great to hear your story so far.

    Keep up the excellent work, I'm already looking forward to viewing the next installments.


  2. terrybnd says:

    Thanks Atkypne. Was nice meeting you last weekend by the way 🙂


  3. atkypne says:

    The pleasure was mine, great to meet you.

    I hope things go from strength to strength for you.


  4. Nice one Terry. It is great to hear about someone who has made the transition from enjoying their interests to making it their living. Well done !


  5. terrybnd says:

    Thanks Mark. Much appreciated. I still find it all one long battle though. I never anticipated how much work or pressure was involved with ensuring the bills are paid when self employed.

    Getting used to it now, though 🙂


  6. Well, well, well,
    it would seem that our wittle Terry has been a very busy lad lately….what with talking with people, arranging meet ups, making a boat load of very impressive videos about many aspects of the Peak District, starting up a new and much needed website that highlights his homeland, and learning to be in business for himself and take care of his family.

    Checked out the new new website “Peak District TV”….clicked onto everything there, and I received a very nice ride indeed. I was pleasantly educated about many things that I didn't even know that were very important for me, in order to enjoy what the Peak District is all about.

    The “Arts” and “Beguiling Romance” of the Peak District's is in good hands.

    Thank you very much Terry.

    Good on you…wishing you success and many, many years of contentment. 🙂


  7. terrybnd says:

    @Barefoot Child – Thanks mate. You're very very kind. The site has great infrastructure partnered up with Peak District Online. Give it time and I'll be uploading lots of videos on there 🙂


  8. Terry,

    Lynzi is a true gem….I find her music intoxicating…she makes a for a very good choice of “talent” to be in front of a camera….and to top it all off……She has red hair a green eyes! Her voice is like an angel.

    BTW-Did you assist her in any way in making her video preview?


  9. Darrell says:

    Well done Terry. You've really thrown your heart and soul into that and come a long way in a short space of time. Cracking effort.


  10. terrybnd says:

    Thanks Darrell. Much appreciated mate. Feels like a lot of blood sweat and tears. Could do with a holiday! LOL


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