VIDEO: Dovedale, Peak District National Park


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  1. Terry, love the cloud inversions on this one.


  2. chris Sumner says:

    Another Great Video, Agree with Mark…thats a cracking cloud inversion

    i think with your “sun God” status you could write a column in a monthly outdoor mag

    “TerryBnd's top ten tips on how to catch a cloud inversion”

    its going from strength to strength for you mate, maybe podcasts on the way too !!

    GOD DAM you will be sat on the sofa with Johnathan Ross next week :-)i must Sky + it


  3. terrybnd says:

    @markswalkingblog – Thanks mate. Woke at 3.30am that morning, didn't expect it. Thought 50/50, saw some mist through the trees at camp, legged it ten minutes up hill and “Wow!” 🙂 Lucky that time

    @chris Sumner – LOL Pack it in will you! 😉 I'm doing nowt different to most folk ya know. It's being in the right place, right time that's all. Watch the weather and go for it. NOT go somewhere and hope for the best.

    I go where the weather takes me – that's tip 1 for you LOL 😉


  4. Terry,
    I wasn't aware that you had reached “Sun God” status!? Will have to keep that in mind from now on. LOL

    I agree with the others…Great video!

    Please, let us know when you are scheduled to appear on the sofa with Mr. Ross….we wouldn't want to miss that. 😉


  5. terrybnd says:

    @Barefoot Child – LOL Behave man! 😉


  6. GeoffC says:

    You keep finding these dawn and dusk spectacles, perseverance pays off. We've not seen an inversion in the Peak yet.
    Dovedale is fantastic but way too popular, better very early in the morning!. I remember the controversy when they elf 'n' safety'd the stepping stones, remember that?.


  7. terrybnd says:

    @GeoffC – Thanks mate. I've seen a few inversions in recent times in the Peaks but not the ultimate full on jobbies. There was one that lasted 4 days last December.

    Was screaming at folk to get out and see it, while I was stuck in office. By time I got to see it (late one Friday evening) it was all gone by the following morning. So, fingers crossed for this winter, eh? At least I have the time to go as and when now 🙂

    Yeah, I remember the stepping stones controversy. Moreover, when two of them toppled over! They look OK now though with a ghastly concrete layer underneath them.


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