Hot Tub Time Machine? Pah! I’d go back here.

Talking to a gentleman from the Peak Park Authority the other week, he commented on how much has changed in 20 years never mind 100 in the Peak District. Going by this short video clip produced by British Transport Films, he aint kidding!

I wonder what such places will be like in another 50 years – will we see less visitors or more due to diminishing fossil fuels? Electric cars? Will flares be back in fashion?

More importantly, going by the look of the chap at 2mins21secs mark – I reckon that’ll be me in 20 years time! Going bald, fag in gob defying gravity, map in hand and a huge durable pack busting at the seams with kit and beer.


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  1. Great video find Terry!
    I had to subscribe to the channel so that I might return and check out some of the other offerings located there at some later time.

    I say old man…isn't that a very young “Sean Connery” that appears at 2:14, and wasn't that “Darby O'Gill” in the scene at 3:14? LOL


  2. terrybnd says:

    @Barefoot Child – LOL Cool isn't it? Found it on the Peak Park Authority's website late one night -then someone reminded me of it on Twitter.

    Tempted to spend £10 on the DVD to watch the whole 20min feature!

    Funny thing is, scenery wise nothing has changed. Just fashion and traffic! Some of them roads are crammed with parked cars now! LOL

    How about that old boy? Pip! Pip! What?! What?!;)


  3. chris sumner says:

    I liked that…very interesting, it almost felt as if i was still stood there looking down towards the monsal trail again…but wouldnt want to walk on it then..unless i could out run a train

    Thanks for sharing that terry, its always good to learn a little bit of history..:-)


  4. jamehand says:

    Love it! Jolly old England before the days of inner city riots, no-go areas, chatter pollution from mobile phones etc, and when we had empty roads, I'm starting to sound like my old Dad! But didn't it look grand!


  5. terrybnd says:

    @chris sumner – Your welcome mate. Spotted it on PDNPA's website other night. Cool eh?

    @jamehand – Mate, I know how you feel! LOL Think the same more often as I get older!


  6. Yeah, know what you mean about the fashions of the day. Whenever I look at some of my pictures from years past I always make a mental note of the clothing and hair.

    Your comment reminded me of a statement I once read in a men's clothing advice book years ago, it said……”Fashions will come and go, but, “Style” will always be proper.”

    Whenever I look at imagery of the earth via satellites I am always pleased to see the landscape void of mankind's existence.


  7. terrybnd says:

    @Barefoot Child – Not quite true about satellite imagery of the earth though, mate. Shrinking seas, forests, urban sprawls, quarries…. 😉


  8. bsdowling says:

    Great little video. Terry just wondering if you are still going to post a review of the Rab ridge raider bivi?



  9. terrybnd says:

    @bsdowling – Thanks Ben. Yes, mate. Review of Rab Ridge Raider bivvy I'll bang up in next week or so. If it helps, bar some minor quirks/gripes – it's performed better than other bivvys I've used in the past. Get's a thumbs up from me 🙂 Really enjoyed using it


  10. Adam says:

    For another nostalgic one….

    Climbing Borrowdale Fells, Cumbria (1926)


  11. terrybnd says:

    That's brilliant Adam!!! 🙂 Thanks for the link!


  12. Anonymous says:

    “More importantly, going by the look of the chap at 2mins21secs mark – I reckon that'll be me in 20 years time! Going bald, fag in gob defying gravity, map in hand and a huge durable pack busting at the seams with kit and beer.”

    That was ME Terry!…I'm even older now, but you can see the resemblence…LOL and my kit and ordnance hasn't changed much either!

    Dave N.


  13. terrybnd says:

    LOL Dave. You been drinking from the fountain of eternal youth? Or on the ale again? 😉


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