Feature Post – ‘The Cave by Heimplanet’, Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports

The Cave by Heimplanet
At Ellis Brigham, despite the best efforts of marketing departments to convince us otherwise, we know it’s not every day that a product arrives on the scene which really does ‘revolutionise’ outdoor activities. But a German manufacturer’s latest offering stakes a valid claim to changing the way we think about camping.

The Cave by Heimplanet, is like no tent that has gone before, and brings a majestic solution to the widely experienced problems (at least in the UK) of putting a tent up in the wind, with limited time before the sun goes down.

Which brings a story to mind about a recent camping trip, where a friend brought along a very large, brand new, top of the range pop-up tent. A familiar scene ensued when it was time to pitch, as everyone else jealously struggled with tent poles and sail-like outer shells, whilst the pop up guy, with barely concealed smugness was already half way through his first cup of coffee.

When it was time to leave, the boot was on the other foot. After at least 30 failed attempts to squash the thing back in to its bag, success was eventually achieved by 5 of us sitting on the frame while someone else packed. And the last laugh was literally ours, when pop up guy’s phone started ringing from within one of the internal tent pockets inside the bag!

Heimplanet’s Cave solves everybody’s problem. Instead of tent poles, it has 5 double layered ‘air beams, connected to the inner tent and flysheet, that can be inflated with the pump provided in about one minute.

Taking it down is simply a case of releasing the valves and rolling it up, which takes about the same amount of time. Heimplanet call the external skeleton the ‘IDG’, or inflatable diamond grid, due fairly obviously to its diamond based design. Each of its 5 modules benefits from a one way valve, which ensures that the whole thing won’t collapse in the event of a puncture, and Geodesic technology means that the tent is very stable so you only need to use the guy ropes in extreme wind.

It sleeps up to 3 people, and weighs just over 5 kilos.

Glimpse into the interior of The Cave

Once you’ve erected the Cave, you’ll find various pockets for storage and a mosquito net, along with 5 ventilation points that allow air to flow freely around the structure. In typical Teutonic fashion, all practicalities have been considered, including maximising the internal space so that up to 6 people can sit comfortably inside.

The materials used combine the highest levels of rip-proof and waterproof fabrics inspired by the chosen sport of the product’s designers – kite surfing. As some of you may know, those kites have to be extra tough to withstand constant exposure to sunlight and frequent dragging across sand and sea.

At £549.99 it’s not the budget option, but it does combine cutting edge material technology and unique time-saving properties with a stylish design. So if you’re serious about camping, or you want to be the envy of festival-goers throughout the UK, you can find the Heimplanet cave exclusively at Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports where a wide range of tents and camping equipment are in stock year round.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nemo and even Vango make airbeam tents, hardly
    revolutionary technology is it. ?



  2. terrybnd says:

    @Twigs – No mate. I think perhaps it's more of the design? Inflatable tents have been around since the 60's as far as I'm aware. Europleasure being one company that made such products, if memory serves me right (concerning history that is LOL).


  3. Looks ripper! Must keep that credit card locked away. 🙂


  4. terrybnd says:

    @blogpackinglight – LOL Looks good actually, eh? Be handy for winter car camping. Cosy and poles aint likely to break 😉


  5. Anonymous says:

    No thank you.

    I'll keep my tarp. LOL

    Happy trails,
    Barefoot Child


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