Alpkit announce tent demo and sleeping bag price match scheme

Get in quick if you’re after good kit at a bargain – sleeping bags are often sold out

Quick post some of you may find of interest – Alpkit who produce a range of outdoor equipment at fantastic prices have announced a couple of new schemes.

“Alpkit tents are the best value in their class, but just like when buying a good quality mountain bike some people want that extra reassurance. This is why Alpkit are giving the option of using demo kit before buying.

I another show of confidence towards their products Alpkit have put down a price match pledge on their Skyehigh range of goose down sleeping bags”

You can learn more about the schemes via the following links:

Tent Demo

Sleeping bag price match

There’s more and more of these sort of schemes about of late – I suppose it shows you how competitive the market is in the current economic climate. However, in Alpkits case what with them being a pure online based business and customers not being able to see kit in the flesh (until after purchase) this makes perfect sense from the guys in Derbyshire.


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  1. Quite a good idea. Whilst Alpkit has good value kit, I wish they had better stock control, they always seem to be out of stock when I have looked for products.


  2. terrybnd says:

    @markswalkingblog – Oh aye. I think the price match is a good one. Know what you mean about stock. Alas, such is their set up and factors beyond their control. They can be vulnerable


  3. Rob says:

    Straight on to the Tesco web-site then


  4. terrybnd says:

    @Rob – LMAO! 🙂


  5. Jules says:

    Interesting, if slightly puzzling tactic from Alpkit.

    Their stuff is good – but as others have said it's stock levels that let them down.

    Maybe it's just me, but I can't quite see how price matching/cutting helps that when they sell out anyway?


  6. terrybnd says:

    Agree with you Jules.

    Furthermore, how can one really compare the materials and such like anyway.

    Are we to find out where the down is sourced?

    Is the design (internal and external) not a contributing factor when selecting a sleeping bag?

    But yeah – more than anything, they are always sold out of sleeping bags – or at least the ones people want.

    On further reflection it is a good idea though – if not a little flawed in my opinion.


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