Happy freakin’ 2012

Bivvying – great innit?

Well, I popped to the Peak District on New Years Eve to spend a night in a bivouac on Kinder Scout and hopefully capture some night time scenes on camera.

It turned into a bit of a disaster unfortunately. The weather was bloody awful!

My wife dropped me off by Mam Tor from where I set off over Rushup Edge in thick clag, strong winds and persistent rain. The slog on the moors to Kinder via Brown Knoll was a nightmare and really quite demoralising.

Bogs became treacherous swamps, swamps deceptively transformed into gateways to another world and the going was really tough. I’ve done this route a fair few times and covered ground reasonably well, with this walk taking no more than 90 minutes to Kinder Low.

On this occasion the trek was completed in 150 minutes but felt at least twice that!

No matter, once I reached where I planned to spend the night I bumped into a lovely couple who were out to meet me and see in the new year while enjoying their third wild camp of the year. Matt and Marion’s company lifted my spirits somewhat and not before long I was cracking open a bottle of port.

Even so, it wasn’t too sheltered where we were and it peed it down for a few hours meaning much of me and my gear got a bit of a soaking – I took the Vaude Bivi with me you see. All ended well though and I slept warm and reasonably dry as the night wore on.

The next day wasn’t much better – there were views but wind speeds were devilish so I called it quits and went home with my tail between my legs (courtesy of a lift from Matt and Marion).

Thanks a bunch to those two.

Not a bad way to see in the new year – but not a great one either (no reflection on the company of course) and I didn’t get any work done whatsoever.

Oh well, best wishes for 2012 and here’s to the next trip in a couple of days…..

Home – it wasn’t sweet either. (Vaude Bivi 1)

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