VIDEO: The Peak District At Night

Well, some of you may have picked up on the clues – but here’s a tiny glimpse of what I’m working on for the next few months. Ultimately a 10 minute epic featuring the Peak District National Park at night. It’s already proving to be a pain in the rear to capture to be honest but I’m pleased with some of the results I’ve got so far.
I’m also planning on producing a photographic study of the Peak Park at night, too – which is somewhat easier to execute.
The idea behind all this stemmed from camps I’ve had out in the Peaks over the past year – when the sun is down the landscape can be just as mesmerising as in the day time. Be it the twinkling lights of nearby urban areas, or the soft grey glow of snow on the hills etching out the detail of stone walls and gritstone edges.

So, from a wild camping perspective I figured wouldn’t it be great to share such scenes the majority of every day people don’t see and maybe give them some food for thought. After all, considering the conurbations that surround the Peak Park it’s important to raise awareness of it’s skies and wide open spaces with little light pollution too.
Granted, you see some of the latter in this short video. The distant glows of Sheffield and Chesterfield give the impression of a peculiar sunset from the moors of the eastern Peak District. It’s not that bad to the naked eye but on camera with long exposures it’s really quite obvious.
There’s a full moon out in a few days, so I’m hoping we get some clear skies to help me capture some more alien scenes of the hills, moors and dales of the Peak Park….

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