2 years of blogging

Apart from writing this wee blog post, I’m busy packing for my next excursion out into the Peak District National Park – thankfully the weather is looking a bit more promising this time round so fingers crossed it will be a productive trip.

Anyway, I’d just like to thank you all (old and new) for taking the time to watch my videos and read this blog. It’s 2 years old this month and in that time it’s had over 700,000 unique visitors with a shocking 25,000 visits on average every month in the past year. Figures that bewilder me in truth. I’ve no idea where you all come from and why. But I suppose it’s a reflection of the ever increasing interest in outdoor pursuits.

It’s been an absolute pleasure sharing my experiences with you all and perhaps for some intriguing as my new found career in the great outdoors producing videos has evolved and developed. It truly has been humbling on many levels when all I really want to do is spread the word on how wonderful and enlightening an experience it is taking in the beautiful landscapes we have here in the UK.

Granted, much of my time has been spent in the Peak Park during the past year but there are projects in the pipeline where you may well see some work from me featuring other national parks soon. Even so, I have to admit that any kind of snobbery I had towards the Peak District was quickly dispelled in the first half of last year.

I feel so lucky to be able to spend so much time out there on the moors and in the dales. It truly is a beautiful and diverse national park – often many, many areas overlooked by those in the outdoors community. I’ve made many friends online and in person over the months too – especially the locals in Derbyshire (landlords included) who’ve proved extremely helpful with research. And of course there is the welcoming outdoors blogging community with which I’ve made many new backpacking friends too.

I’ve enjoyed every minute of it – well, maybe not ‘every’ minute but certainly most – and continue to do so.

So, thank you to you all – it really is much appreciated and a pleasure.


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