VIDEO: Rangers of the Peak

Rose Clarke – Peak District National Park Authority Ranger

Last month I spent a couple of days with one of the Peak District National Park Authority’s rangers – Rose Clarke who cares for a considerably large area centred on Parsley Hay.

Unfortunately, we never got to enjoy much sunshine when it came to filming but it didn’t diminish the informative and enlightening time I spent with her. Wind was a problem and rain too on some shoots (to the point I had to sadly discard quite a bit of video to the cutting room floor) and so the video transpired into somewhat a labour of love at times.

The video is 18minutes long, so get a cup of tea or a beer in hand before watching. I filmed this very much on the hoof and fly on the wall documentary style cause it reflected the nature of Rose’s work. No two days were ever the same and the number of responsibilities she has was bewildering at times – but we only get to see a few in this feature.

I already held what our park rangers do in high regard but after spending some time out and about with Rose and her colleagues I cannot emphasise how much more respect I have for them and what they do. Hours are long and erratic and involve just as much paperwork and diplomacy as it does being physically out there in the great outdoors. I did endeavour to coax more personal opinions off camera from Rose concerning a number of issues that face the Peak District National Park in this day and age – ranging from climate change, energy resources and the use of 4×4 vehicles for recreation on many of the legal green lanes they are permitted on.

But I’ll keep those conversations private – not that I’m unable to digress my own of course, but that’s for another time….


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