Scenes that didn’t make the final cut

Another relatively quite month of blogging for me again this month – I’ve been frantic working away at my PC and out on walks in the Peak District putting the finishing touches to a video I’ve been commissioned to produce promoting the Staffordshire side of the Peak National Park.

I’m pleased to say it’s all done and dusted now and ready for it’s launch at a business conference (and online) in Stoke this coming Tuesday of which I’ll be attending. I’m not too sure what folk will make of the final video in truth. It’s been a real pain to film and put together in just a few short weeks.

The variety of locations though interesting has proven to be a logistical nightmare at times and needless to say the weather has played a major role in dictating where and when I go. For example, I’ve lost count of the number of visits I’ve paid to Ramshaw Rocks or the Roaches over the past 8 weeks chasing the shots I had in mind.

The short video embedded above features scenes that have been cut out from the final video for whatever reasons (some will be obvious) but I thought it would make an interesting visual presentation for the conference as people arrive on the day before viewing the final finished film.

On reflection, I’ve achieved about 80% of what I envisaged for the feature and learnt quite a lot along the way too. The ‘rolling shutter’ issue when it comes to filming aerial scenes is the major one. Admittedly, I should’ve researched it perhaps before heading skywards but it’s just one of those things where we all live and learn. In truth I was absolutely gutted that almost 90 minutes of aerial scenes had been literally ruined by this technicality (won’t happen again, let me tell you!) and I spent 3 long days trying to salvage scenes worth putting into the final video.

Stylistically it’s pretty much what I intended along with some ‘happy accidents’ too. So, I’m pleased with it but feel irked somewhat that it’s not 100% of what I had in mind.

But my trips out have been fortunate in the past couple of weeks. Weather forecasts had been less than impressive but upon my arrival I often enjoyed nothing but clear skies and sunshine! But it’s all passed by in a blur. I look through my video and go “Oh, that’s nice.” It’s like my whole world in the outdoors has been through a viewfinder and lens. My senses had become immune to the wonderful scenes before me and only at the end of the day enjoying a pint or relaxing at camp had some things sunk in.

Anyway, things are pretty much back to normal (for the time being at least) and I need a wee rest. I’m physically and mentally tired. Alas, such is life eh?


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